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Securityby Ariana Smith08 October 2020

After the popularity of interconnected devices back in 2000’, security companies got a lot better at using the internet. On the other hand, with the recent revival of cheap DIY security systems — including video doorbells, smart cameras, and locks — it’s never been easier to build your own security system. That being said, lots of companies still offer the traditional ways of protecting your home: cameras, motion sensors, and 911 alarms.

With all the options out there, it can be hard to decide whether to use an affordable DIY security system or hire professionals to install premium tech. Both come with their own pros and cons. Fortunately, we are here to help. If you want to know more, read on!

Professional vs. DIY Security Systems

If you’ve never dabbled in security systems before, the main question is whether to call a company to install it, or do it yourself? Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

When you hire a security company to install the security system for you, they’ll often help you make your choice about the adequate system. In order to recommend the best quantity, type, equipment, and placement, they’ll send a professional to check out your home.

This way, you won’t have to research or analyze anything. Moreover, you won’t have to install a thing, saving time and effort in the process.

On the other hand, a DIY security system is much cheaper, but also provides less security. All you need for it are a couple of cameras and a video doorbell or two, and you’re pretty much done. The only thing you’ll pay for is a monthly fee if you want other features like infrared light. However, that’s optional. The only problem is that you will have research and install everything, including the equipment and whether everything’s compatible.

DIY Security System

The main difference between modern DIY and professionally installed systems is the level of control you want to have with the installation process. Today, the best DIY security systems offer a lot of great features, even though they can’t compare with professional-level security systems. A DIY system is, by itself, a combination of multiple separate devices. Let’s meet them.

Video doorbells allow you to see outside your front door at any time from your smartphone. It can also alert you of any movement that happens. Smart locks, on the other hand, let you leave your house with your keys in it. They allow you to lock and unlock doors with your smartphone, tablet, or through a simple voice command. Even more, you can give access to a smart lock to your friends and family, sparing you from the trouble of having to unlock the door every time someone comes.

Cameras come in various forms. However, they all allow you to see and record everything both inside and outside your house. Regarding security, they stand a bit higher than video doorbells and smart locks. Smart locks and video doors are placed only around your front door. On the other hand, you can place cameras anywhere. Moreover, you can connect them with your phone, meaning you’ll be able to see every inch of your house, no matter where you are.

The Price of DIY Security Systems

All DIY security systems are miles cheaper than a professional system, yet offer somewhat similar security. They usually range about $230–950:

  • $100–$300 for a video doorbell
  • $80–$400 for a smart lock
  • $50 – $250 for the camera

Many of them also come with monthly fees for maintenance and cloud storage, However, these features are also cheap, ranging from $10–$40.

Professional Security Systems

DIY systems are an excellent option for people with apartments. Even more, they’re perfect if you have a small house with a couple of rooms. However, if you have even a moderately-sized house, you will definitely need to get some heavier surveillance.

Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing the best security company for yourself.

In essence, all security systems come with the same equipment. For example, with essentials such as motion sensors, window sensors, and door sensors that provide heavier security when compared to video doorbells. Moreover, the  best security company will always have devices such as:

  • Automatic door locks
  • Security cameras
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Not to mention touch screens that make false alarms almost impossible. Often, you can integrate these security systems with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alex, giving you the ability to voice command every single thing.

The Price of Professional Security Systems

These systems aren’t cheap since they require technicians to install and operate, as well as officers to monitor your cameras 24/7.  The upfront cost will highly depend on the size of the system you are going to install, needed equipment. For instance, adding a single camera may cost up to $100 plus $30 for installation.

However, most equipment costs come at some sort of a large order discount, resulting in a normal cost of over $200$ just for basics.

Besides upfront costs, you will probably have to pay extensive monthly fees. These range between $14.99 for a single camera system and $100 for large monitor systems.

On the bright side, most modern systems don’t surpass $44.99.

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