How To Be More Confident In 5 Easy Steps

Lifestyleby Diana Williamson05 January 2021

How To Be More Confident

As someone who has been an introvert all their lives, I have suffered from insecurity, anxiety, and other feelings, which come from having low self-confidence. I can understand when as a student, you know the correct answer to what the teacher is asking, but fail to raise your hand.

Loss of confidence can be a result of life experiences. Someone close saying you are not good enough, or growing up in a relatively cocooned environment with no scope for exposure are the most common reasons for low self-confidence.

Thankfully, a number of psychologists and therapists are available to us and help us understand how to gain our confidence. If you are someone suffering from low-confidence, you should pay attention to the contents of the article.

Why Low Confidence should be addressed seriously?

Low confidence

When we are kids, the stakes attached to confidence are not life-defining. However, as we grow up, confidence starts playing a major role in our career choices, decisions, earnings, and livelihood opportunities.

If you are not confident enough about proposing your love to someone, you might miss out on your ideal life partner as well. In other words, addressing issues of low-confidence early on can change your life productively and positively in multiple ways.

It can help improve your self-respect, self-esteem, and foster you to develop better in much more meaningful ways. In the following section, we ask therapists to list down five steps to help them feel more confident.

List of 5 Easy Steps to become more Confident


1. Think about the Present

Individuals who are low on confidence keep thinking about the past as well as the future. This prohibits them from making confident decisions in the present. It is important that you learn to live in the present and do things, which will affect them. Don’t think about what you say or do will have a great impact (negative) in your present or the immediate future.

2. Have Lesser Expectations

Experts have pointed out that having high expectations can lead to episodes of low-confidence in individuals. You expected something but did not get it. The same adversely affected your confidence levels. Now you feel you are not good enough! This vicious cycle should be stopped. Do things, without expecting anything in return. This helps in boosting confidence.

3. Don’t have Grudges

You know the one thing you can count on others for- this is to disappoint you or let you down! A friend who walked out of a trip or a girlfriend that did not commit to marriage. Yes, these are setbacks, but holding on to grudges takes a drubbing to your confidence levels. Let things go, and start afresh. The faster you recover from a setback, the better will be your confidence.

4. Take help from Experts

Sometimes, the world might seem to gang up against you. Whether they be personal debacles or professional ones, sometimes nothing will seem to go your way. This is when you need to seek help from trained professionals who are experts at dealing with such things. A certified psychologist and King of Prussia therapist will guide you to recovery and feelings of confidence.

5. Don’t keep Feelings inside you

The more you try to hold onto things inside you, the worse your confidence will get. This is because problems have a tendency to keep eating away at your insides. The more you talk, discuss, and share your problems, the lighter and more confident you will feel. This will help you bounce back faster and allow your confidence levels to once again rise.

The Final Word

Feeling low on confidence is something that most of us feel at some or other time in our life. The important thing is to rise above such issues and address them as mature adults. Don’t feel insecure or weak if you start feeling them.

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