LinkedIn Report Claims The Demand For Artificial Intelligence In Workplace Increased 70%!

Newsby sagnika sinha26 December 2023

LinkedIn Report Claims The Demand For Artificial Intelligence

Between December 2022 and September 2023, there has been an increase in artificial intelligence-based jobs and employment opportunities. According to the LinkedIn report, there have been several increases in job postings related to AI across many countries during this time.

Some major economies, such as the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Germany, India, Australia, France, and Brazil, have seen a spike in AI-based employment opportunities. According to the LinkedIn networking giant, there has been a 12% surge in jobs and employment opportunities!

The data has been collected by LinkedIn Economic Graph Research Institute, which informs that even the applications applying for AI-based employment and job opportunities have increased by 11%. It was between December 2022 and September 2023 period!

On the LinkedIn platform, about 1 billion professionals and 67 million companies are available for diverse employment and workplace opportunities. Based on this data, applications and job views related to AI have high potential.

Recently, people have been looking forward to understanding technology related to media and information. There are also aspects related to administration, support services, financial services, manufacturing, and media marketing.

LinkedIn has released a report that says that the members of the work networking platforms living worldwide experience growth. AI-related jobs or augmentation of AI impact the manual level of employment and disrupt the services. AI literacy brings in high economic growth!

This also informs that AI literacy and AI skills are significant in today’s world. You will require these skills, especially when you want more exposure and how it integrates your professional performance and quality much better. You will be paid more if you have the updated skills apart from other associated degrees.

Manufacturing, finance, and professional services are the sectors that might experience job disruption by integrating AI into the professional world. Jobs that can be easily automated with AI will severely impact your performance.

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