Rihanna “Totally Believes He’s Innocent” Amid A$AP Rocky’s Impending 9-Year Sentence  

News by  Sarmind Safi 12 December 2023

Rihanna _Totally Believes He's Innocent_ Amid A$AP Rocky's Impending 9-Year Sentence  

It’s the worst of times for a mother. On November 20, Rihanna’s partner and baby daddy to her two young children, A$AP Rocky was ordered to stand trial in January.  The 35-year-old has been accused of firing a gun at a fellow rapper Terell Ephron in November of 2021. He is now facing up to nine years of prison time on felony counts of assault using a firearm.

The rapper in question Rakim Mayers has maintained his innocence so far. Insiders have exclusively told Life & Style that the “Umbrella” songstress, 35, is terrified while standing on the brink of her family being torn apart.

The source has explained, “She’s trying to stay calm and listen to the lawyers promising they’ll keep him out of jail, but it’s pretty hard when everyone promised this wouldn’t even go to trial and look how that went. If the worst happens and they throw the book at him, she’ll be raising her two kids alone.”As of now, the 9-time Grammy winner is trying her best to bolster the case in favor of her rapper partner. “She totally believes he’s innocent. She’ll stand by him 100 percent.” the source has revealed to Life & Style.

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