Started Pack For $1 CAD/month! Shopify’s Tiered Price And Plans Explained  

Newsby Rishab Dey08 November 2023

Started Pack For $1 CAD Per month! Shopify’s Tiered Price And Plans Explained

Shopify, the powerhouse e-commerce platform, is renowned for its cutting-edge features tailored to cater to the diverse needs of online sellers. With a range of pricing plans designed to accommodate varying budgets, Shopify opens the door to your online retail success.

For newcomers, Shopify offers a promotion that’s hard to resist. Once you login to your Shopify account, you can kick-start your online store journey with three days of free access, followed by a mere $1 CAD/month for the initial three months.

Exploring the Range of Plans  

As your business needs evolve, so do the Shopify plans. The pricing landscape stretches from $51 CAD/month to $517 CAD/month (or $389 CAD/month for annual payment). These plans are your gateway to crafting a robust online store. Keep in mind that in addition to your subscription, there are other potential costs to consider.

Tailoring Your Shopify Plan  

Selecting the right Shopify plan hinges on factors such as your desired features, budget, and the level of technical support you require. To assist you in making an informed choice, I have put together a comprehensive Shopify pricing guide.

Shopify’s Expansive Capabilities  

Shopify has evolved from a standalone platform into a multifaceted e-commerce solution. It offers not only website hosting but also supports sales through various online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay. Shopify proudly states that millions of businesses have collectively raked in over $444 billion USD in sales through their Shopify-powered websites.

The Plan Breakdown  

Shopify simplifies its offerings with four distinct plans, catering to both newcomers and seasoned businesses. Each plan includes essential features like 24/7 support and tools for entrepreneurs. The higher-tier plans offer additional benefits, such as shipping discounts, fraud analysis, and language translation.

Shopify Starter Promotion – $1 CAD/month  

A bargain for those getting started, this plan lets you explore Shopify for free for three days, followed by a minimal fee of $1 CAD/month for the next three months.

Shopify Basic – $51 CAD/month ($38 CAD/month, paid annually)  

Perfect for small businesses aiming to establish a comprehensive online store with omnichannel capabilities, including drop shipping. Basic encompasses an online store, a website, a blog, and two staff accounts. It also supports in-store transactions with competitive transaction fees.

Shopify – $132 CAD/month ($99 CAD/month, paid annually)  

The Shopify plan expands upon the Basic plan by offering performance reports, gift card purchase support, and abandoned cart recovery tools. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to venture into international markets.

Shopify Advanced – $517 CAD/month ($389 CAD/month, paid annually)  

For businesses dealing with high volumes both online and in physical stores, the Advanced plan is a must. It boasts unlimited storage, up to 15 staff accounts, and advanced features like third-party calculated shipping rates.

Additional Costs to Consider  

Beyond the plan costs, there are other expenses to factor in. Users often invest in premium themes, premium apps, and domain names. Premium themes come at a cost, typically ranging from $150 USD to $380 USD. Domain names, purchased separately, average around $16.95 USD/year. Premium apps and plugins enhancing your store’s functionality can range from a few dollars to hundreds/month.

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