Are You Excited About Anime Female Characters Being The Deadliest?

Newsby sagnika sinha02 November 2023

Are You Excited About Anime Female Characters Being The Deadliest_

You may find them adorable, but they are not just characters used to fill an anime cast! Some of the most threatening and deadliest anime female characters that are quite deadly are Himiko, Lucy, Miyo Takano, Rize Kanishiro, and Junko Enoshima.

Himiko from My Hero Academia is an anime character that is one of the deadliest out there! She might look cheerful, but while smiling, she could kill someone as she displays sadistic tendencies! She could easily become determined to kill someone, especially when someone else is troubled!

From Elfen Lied you need to be careful of Lucy! Quite threatening little she-devil that she is! The anime series Elfen Lied is very disturbing, especially with all the graphic animated violence present in the series. There are some supernatural means where you can see organs and entrails.

This is where Lucy comes in, as she is the main protagonist of the series! She has evolutionary offshoots from the human race and is one of the most dangerous characters in the series. Her dissociative serial killer role is quite hazardous for bad people.

Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul is another of the deadliest characters in the series, considering her place in the dark fantasy manga! As an antagonist, she is well known for her manipulative nature and eating habits that will threaten other ghouls, too.

Miyo Takano from Hingurashi When They Cry is an anime female character who is a nurse working for the Irie Clinic! The weird part of her character is that she has become a consistent victim after researching the past of Hinamizawa and their god, Oyashiro-sama!

Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa is one of the deadliest anime female characters who are highly cunning, violent, and manipulative! At times, she is a bit impulsive, but overall, she is highly intelligent and complex to a fault!

She is the main antagonist of the series and plays the part of a mastermind quite well! Overall, all these anime characters who are female are quite dangerous, along with being beautiful!

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