Google Doodle Remembers Altina Schinasi, Cat-eye Glasses Designer On Her 116th Birth Anniversary!

Newsby sagnika sinha04 August 2023

Google Doodle Remembers Altina Schinasi

Google has honored Altina Schinasi, a talented and influential American designer and artist, with a unique and impressive Doodle today! She earned credit in the 1940s for designing the Harlequin Cat-eye glasses, which have become an iconic style!

The glasses were designed with almond-shaped frames that were quite large! She created the glasses by getting inspired by Venetian masquerade masks. The end tips of the glasses are upturned and are very glamorous, so much so that they are still in trend!

Today marks the 116th birth anniversary of the legend, and what better way to remember her than art! The artwork of Schinasi was quite a sensation, especially as they were ahead of her time! Her art was an inspiration for many sources, especially Native American art.

Even for African and Modernist art, Schinasi was an inspiration; currently, she is considered one of the most influential textual designers of the 20th century! Her art is in demand across the world among private collectors and museums.

Her mediums were mostly ceramics, jewelry, and textiles, highlighted with bold and vibrant colors. As a remarkable artist, she used texture and color to create dynamic and visually compelling art and designs, the Cat-eye glasses just being one of them.

You can check her artwork displayed in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Metropolitical Museum of Art. Her approach toward art was quite innovative, and she was ahead of her time!

Altina Schinasi is a symbol of strength and power for women across time. Women in life can be inspired by her and her art, which helps them to feel confident and powerful. In the 20th century, she was a beacon of light!

The feature of Google Doodles is significant in highlighting important issues we need to remember or are unaware of through interesting, surprising, and unique logos and designs.

The lives of popular scientists, pioneers, and artists are highlighted by Google with their spontaneously changing logos daily. It honors them and highlights them across time for their remarkability!

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