Taylor Swift Have Partnered With Google To Reveal “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” Track Titles

Newsby Rishab Dey20 September 2023

Taylor Swift Have Partnered With Google To Reveal _1989 (Taylor's Version)_ Track Titles

Taylor Swift has partnered with Google to reveal “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” track titles to her fans. The pop sensation set her fans on a virtual Easter hunt to reveal her title tracks on Tuesday. But fans faced technical difficulties while on Easter egg hunting on Tuesday.

Previously Taylor Swift had revealed to her fans the vault tracks for “Red (Taylor’s Version)” and “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” through a video consisting of scrambled letters. But this reveal was done differently.

On Tuesday Google announced that its search engine will have a series of 89 puzzles that fans need to solve to reveal the title tracks in Taylor Swift’s upcoming album. Google said, “You’ll be helping Swifties around the world get out of the woods (or unlock the vault) as everyone collectively solves 33 million puzzles.” Adding further, “And that’s how it works, that’s how you get the vault track titles!”

Some international Swifties were among the first to notice the blue vault when searching for Taylor Swift on Google on Saturday. They reported this news on X which led to Swifties anticipating the reveal about the vault’s meaning.

The puzzle comes on the screen when you click the vault revealing a scrambled version of the upcoming album’s name of Taylor Swift. You have to solve the puzzle and write the correct answer on the search bar to reveal more puzzles.

But when fans put answers on the search bar no puzzles were revealed and no progress was made. This caused fans to think that there’s been a glitch. Some Swifties were frustrated as they could not participate in the game. Some were upset because they needed to solve many puzzles to find answers while the game was not working.

An X user wrote, “I feel like Taylor constantly forgets how big she is. 33 million is a lot when you take into account the vault not working. Google has to process who is playing the game and who is genuinely trying to search for sunglasses which I think is what screws this all up.”

Another user joked, “We’re definitely not getting 33m before the album comes out with this stupid vault not working.” Google addressed the glitch in a post made on X on late Tuesday. The company wrote, “Swifties, the vault is jammed! But don’t worry, there are no blank spaces inside. We’re in our fix-it era and will be out of the woods soon.”

Taylor Swift’s “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” will be released on 27th October 2023 exactly nine years after the original album was released.

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