Ashton Kutcher Apologises As He Resigns From Post Of Chairman At The Anti-Child-Sex-Abuse!

Newsby sagnika sinha18 September 2023

Ashton Kutcher Apologises As He Resigns From Post Of Chairman At The Anti-Child-Sex-Abuse!

Ashton Kutcher, the co-founder of the organization of anti-child-sex-abuse known as Thorn, founded in 2009, is stepping down from the position of chairman! He created the company along with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, who once married him.

Along with him, his present wife, Mila Kunis, who was also a member of the board as an observer, is stepping down! The couple has taken this decision based on the exposure of their letters of support to Thorn’s board regarding Danny Masterson.

People were outraged after the letters came out, especially because Danny Masterson was convicted of raping two women at a point in time. During the phase of the sentencing trial of Masterson, Aston Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and other former fellow cast members were quite bold enough to write letters of support!

The common ground on which these actors supported Masterson was because they were fellow cast members of That ‘70s Show. The No Strings Attached actor informs that he realizes he had an error in judgment where he supported Masterson.

He has had conversations, learning, and reflections based on the testimonials of the survivors, leadership, and employees at Thorn, and based on the same, he has decided to step down from his position. It was also his way of apologizing to the children that the organization serves!

Danny Masterson was finally sentenced to life in prison for 30 years by a judge in Los Angeles based on the proven crime of raping two women in 2003. In the wake of the letters of support getting exposed, Kutcher and Kunis posted on Instagram apologizing for the support they showed Masterson.

It is due to this reason that Kutcher informed that he was stepping down from his position as chairman of Thorn and also stated that the letters of support were not meant to judge or undermine the victims and their testimonials. The letters were intended for the judge to read. However, it was not their intention to re-traumatise the victims. Both the couples apologized for their past steps and have decided to step down!

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