After Rumors Of Separation, Joe Jonas Has Now Hired A Divorce Lawyer!

Newsby sagnika sinha04 September 2023

After Rumors Of Separation, Joe Jonas Has Now Hired A Divorce Lawyer!

The news of Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame and popular Game Of Thrones actor Sophie Turner was first reported by TMZ on 3rd September 2023. The couple has been married for four years and share two children, both daughters.

Amidst the separation reports of the celebrity couple, it has been confirmed that Joe Jonas has retained a divorce lawyer after talking to two lawyers based in Los Angeles. For some time, the fans were speculating about the intended break!

The rumors started when the two celebrities were seen at events and in photographs without their wedding rings! They have also recently sold their 70s-inspired mansion based out in Miami, which they bought a year back.

The sale can also be because of a lifestyle change; however, Jonas or Turner has no confirmed news. TMZ has reported a source concerning the couple’s relationship as they struggle in their marriage, especially with “serious problems” in the past six months.

Last month, the Jonas Brothers started touring, and they are expected to stay on the road for the rest of this year and well into 2024. It has also been reported that Joe Jonas has been taking care of the two children on his own while on the tour.

The pair had their first daughter, Willa, in 2020 and welcomed another daughter in 2022! Even after speculations of separation, there have been instagram pictures posted by Turner as she kisses Jonas’ hand while leaving the Jonas Brother’s concert.

On the other hand, Joe shared a picture on Instagram with his brothers! They were gathered around a fire pit while in the photo, the wedding ring of Joe was visible. The couple met through instagram DM in 2016 and went on a whirlwind romance, getting engaged within a year.

The divorce news amidst all the rumors is heartbreaking, especially when the couple was so open about being in love and celebrating love!

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