Rewarding Top Performing Employees

Businessby Ariana Smith15 March 2019

Performing Employees

Keeping your employees happy is critical. Everybody wants to be appreciated. Recognizing a job well done by an employee will go a long way to boost morale. Making your most valuable employees feel treasured will make them more loyal and improve the quality of their work.

The truth is, your team is a valuable resource and you need to treat them as such. You need to reward them for their drive, industry, and commitment. Your workforce needs some excitement in the job environment and it doesn’t always have to be over-the-top luxury bonuses.

You have to protect your employees from boredom. When your staff is not properly engaged and recognized for their work, they will leave your organization. And if they don’t leave, they will perform poorly in their work, will be unmotivated, and disloyal.

Your workforce wants career growth and development opportunities. Yes, they want prosperity, recognition and all the benefits that come along with good performance. This is very much intertwined with their enlightenment and growth. A company needs practical and engaging training methods.

We shall look at a few ways to reward and motivate your top performing staff:

1. Workplace Perks:

Well-performing employees should be given some benefits. Some of the common perks are leisure activities during office time, free refreshment, lunch allowance, hotel stay, etc. Office perks are fantastic rewards. It gives the employees a chance to brag about their achievements to their colleagues. They are inexpensive and effective in fostering a friendly environment that leads to success.

2. Custom Awards:

Customize an award to reward your best-performing employees. This can be in the form of a trophy, plaque, medal or certificate. These services are available online at affordable rates. Companies such as EDCO Awards & Specialties have a wide range of customizable awards.

3. Spa Day:

Reward your MVP by spoiling them with a good spa treatment. The special attention, pampering, cucumber water, and smooth music will invigorate them and make them want to perform better. This won’t cost your company a million dollars, but it might end up making you that much.

4. Music Concert:

If your winner is a big music fanatic, why not pay for them to attend their favorite’s artist concert. Buy them a VIP ticket and let them have a wonderful experience. This will make them feel valued because the gift is personal. This will inspire even your other staff members to do better.

5. Vacation:

Take your well-performing employee to their favorite destination. Let them bring their significant other along and allow them a well-deserved rest for a few days; they have earned it after all. This will make your staff happier and motivated.

6. Tech Accessories:

Reward your top performer with a tech accessory like an iPad, a pair of headphones, a smartwatch, or Bluetooth speaker. Select something fashionable that can be used to remind your winner that you appreciate their efforts. Gift items can instill a healthy competition among your team members.

7. Casual Friday:

If you have a dress code at your place of work, allow your winner to come dressed in whatever they want. This will make them stand out from the rest of the employees and will serve to remind the other team members of the performance of this individual.

8. Visit an Art Gallery:

In case your best performer loves art, you can take them to a local art gallery. Art shapes societies and adds value to life. Visiting an art gallery has the following benefits:

•Enhances creativity: looking at art increases your creative sense and improves your skills and talents.

•A source of inspiration: works of art will give you a different perspective on your challenges. You will come up with unique ways to overcome them.

•Stress relief: taking a break from everyday pressures to visit an art gallery can be stress relieving.

Your workforce wants to be part of an organization where their efforts matter. This makes them happy and productive. A wonderful working environment benefits both you and your employees; it is good business and will produce results.

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