5 Things In Your House That Need Decluttering

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah16 December 2020


People worldwide go over all sorts of leaps and boundaries to achieve that “aesthetic” beauty for their homes. Naturally, this may require renovating your house entirely or making minor adjustments to at least some parts of it. The latter may include a paint job, getting new furniture, or even decluttering your space for a sleek appearance.

Decluttering is a fantastic way to get rid of useless things and clean up your place. It’s a great way to organize wardrobes, racks, kitchen cabinets, tables, etc. Having a spacious home is very pleasing and also looks good. The hard part, however, is figuring out what’s a clutter and what isn’t. Here we’ll help you identify a few things that you probably don’t realize are creating a massive mess at your place.

Here are 5 Things In Your House That Need Decluttering:

1. Start With The Walls

The Walls

A common belief of sifting through bulky items is that they are always situated on the floor or within cupboards. Well, this is not always the case. The walls are equally important and create a jarring and narrow outlook of your house if bombarded with various items. So, start by removing anything extra from your walls, i.e., large paintings, empty frames, artwork, and anything and everything that’s just destroying your beautiful walls! Once you have stacked all of these together, look for a safe space where you can store them by typing ‘storage near me’ in Google. Your search results will provide you with a list of storage units within a five-mile radius. So, choose what is most convenient for you and tuck away your items safely.

Now now, we’re not saying art and pictures on your walls is a bad idea. But keep it selective and straightforward to create an IMPACT!

2. Get Rid Of Excess Clothes

Excess Clothes

Seriously, how many clothes DO YOU HAVE? Clothes are not bulky or hard to carry. But when it comes to taking up way too much space, they are the real winners! If left unchecked, your clothes will probably takeover every living and breathing space n your house from your bedroom to the bathroom and eventually the kitchen!

Storing extra clothes is a tedious task to accomplish. You might organize them every week, but they will still manage to take up much of your space. So, open your closet and decide what you want and what you don’t. Try not to hoard items and instead give your excess and unwanted clothing away to charities, clothing drives, or thrift stores if they’re reusable.

3. Wires And More


Technology is AWESOME, but wires, out-of-order extension cables, and even more wires have become the bane of our technological dependence! Not to mention, they’re a massive tripping hazard. You might have them stored away in boxes, but what good are they doing us there rather than hoarding up shelf space?

So, here’s what you should do. Gather every spare wire and other such items that you have lying around to be tripped over and check if they are in working condition or not. If not, throw them in the trash right away. If yes, consider winding them neatly for a decluttered apprentice around your space.

4. Shoes


If you’re a shoe hoarder, this one is for you!

Understandably, many people don’t like throwing out shoes because they are an expensive part of the wardrobe. Yes, this is true, but they also tend to occupy way more volume than they should! Even if you put them in shoe racks, how many shoe racks will you purchase and store? You ought to give away a part of your collection at one point or another. So, start by sifting through your shoes and get rid of anything old, doesn’t fit you anymore, isn’t trending anymore, is broken, etc. Like the spare clothes, give these away to charities or anyone in dire need of footwear.

5. The Garage

The Garage – our secret bastion of I-don’t-need-it, but I’m-not-throwing-it-away trash! To be honest, consider yourself lucky if you don’t have one; it saves you a ton of hassle.

A lot of us tend to forget that the garage is also a part of the house and end up stuffing everything that we don’t want in our main space in it. This might work temporarily, but you need to remove unnecessary items that take up too much space from there as well. Remove everything that you don’t need anymore, such as empty containers, broken items, items with mold on them, or stuff that’s not usable. Stack the place with shelves and store everything that you need on a routine basis. This is a great way t maximize your storage space to keep more useful things.


Getting rid of unnecessary items is hard because many things tend to hold sentimental value for us. However, it is also necessary because it frees up space in our homes and provides catharsis. So, get up, start decluttering, and make Marie Kondo proud!

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