What Are The Benefits Of Using Textured Render Finish?

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Textured Render Finish

Home improvement is the inevitable project as long as you are staying at your home. In a bid to make most out of these improvements, you need to ensure that the renovations are functional and work efficiently to make the premises effective and aesthetically appealing. One of the popular types of home improvement that every homeowner needs to employ is the Textured Render Finish. Since most of the constructions are done with stone or bricks, the cement rendering is the most common choice today. The contractors apply a coating of cement to the exterior of the house and before it dries they create a design or pattern on the surface of cement to create a visual effect. There are in fact a variety of benefits in rendering the exterior of your house and some of these benefits are mentioned below.

Improvising the External Appearance of your House:

External Appearance of your House

It is undeniable fact that the Textured Render Finish on the exterior walls of a tired, old building can transform the overall appearance of the building. It makes the building look modern and visually captivating. Most of the homeowners today prefer to apply to render while renovating their properties for a variety of good reasons. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic value of the building, it can benefit the owner in multiple ways. It makes the house look appealing and this increases the overall value of the house when you put it on sale. Since it looks visually appealing, more potential buyers would get attracted to the property. From a variety of color schemes to a larger selection of finishes and textures, there are in fact hundreds of possibilities available when it comes to rendering a house.

Boosting the Thermal Efficiency of Walls:

Thermal Efficiency of Walls

There are some effective ranges of Textured Render Finish like K Rend Silicone Thin Coat range which can be used in homes where the optimal thermal effect is required. It works as the perfect external wall insulation system. There are also some render systems available which are not considered to be an insulating system. But when they are used as a part of the external wall insulation system it can enhance the overall thermal efficiency of the walls, thereby reducing the overall electricity bills and heating bills, not to mention the other benefits that are mentioned in this post.

Weather Proofing:

The external walls of a building which are in very poor condition can cause serve damage to the structure because of the ingress of water and external debris. This can worsen over time if left untreated. So, with the use of cement Textured Render Finish, you can increase the life expectancy of the external walls. It will work as a barrier that protects the walls from environmental elements. It also works as water repellent when used with proper technology, thereby protecting the walls from water while allowing the substrate to breathe.

It Doesn’t Crack:


The modern-dayTextured Render Finish never cracks. The contractors today prefer using the K-Rend which never cracks and they are breathable at the same time. Most of the modern-day render used in the external walls of a house uses fiberglass mesh base coat layer. This is the flexible type of render and it moves along with the building. The render which is applied on the top of the base layer is extremely thin and flexible and the combination of two means the render won’t crack.


So, if you want to give your external wall a perfect and visually appealing look, then ensure to use the best Textured Render Finish. To apply the render professionally it is necessary that you hire the services of professionals in the field.

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