Top 10 Tips For Better Writing

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Writing Tips

Using these tips, you will be able to improve your skills both when communicating on the Internet, and while writing articles, books and reviews.

Top 10 Tips For Better Writing are:

1. Use strong words

strong words

Good writing is impregnated with unpredictability and unexpectedness. The most powerful part of speech is the verb. Thanks to a strong word, a simple sentence gets a very strong emotional charge and affects the person reading it.

However, a strong word does not always mean florid or complex. Write “uses” instead of “exploits”, if you feel that the first word expresses your thought more clearly and intelligibly.

Analyze the non-fiction texts. If you see words or phrases and you feel that they left a strong aftertaste, you should write them down and, if possible, use them. There is nothing shameful about this. Look for your phrases: take a dictionary, find a noun and combine it with different adjectives. Try to understand if it has meaning and emotional charge.

2. Read a lot

Reading is different from movies watching. The film is flowing itself and, whether you realize what is happening on the screen or not, it continues without any pauses. The book demands the brain to be active from the very beginning to the end of the book. When you manifest conscious efforts, you become able to reflect, which is an excellent way of training your writing skills.

Perhaps it will sound obvious for some people, but it will not be superfluous to repeat it – it is impossible to learn how to express your thoughts well on paper without reading hundreds of books. Read a variety of books. Of course, you can not read all the books, but try not to be limited only to fiction, as there is also a scientific philosophical one.

Many of the writing and cognitive skills increase automatically with a large number of books read.

3. Rewrite books

This is difficult to explain scientifically, but when you manually rewrite your favorite writer’s book, you are more tuned in to his wave, his style, his inner world. You do not have to completely copy it, but the very feeling that someone is driving your hand is extremely unusual.

Also, rewriting helps to pay special attention to trifles that were not noticeable during simple reading. You begin to ponder over every phrase, to feel the meaning and subtext of each word. It is indeed impossible to teach writing, so the most important thing in improving your writing skills is to understand which word is the most appropriate in this particular case. Also, rewriting your favorite books by hand will help you with this. Since these books caught your attention, it means that something inside resonates with the beat, they have some truth and sincerity that you need to develop.

4. Create a diary

Diary is not only a great tool for introspection, but also your draft for honing your writing skills. If you want to write a book, but you are afraid to get down to work, start with a diary, practice there.

In the diary, you can not only write but also make sketches, draw visual diagrams, create tables. You can write about why you are afraid to start the creation of a novel. You can also list all your fears on this score. After you have pulled all the fears out, they cease to be so deep and inconspicuous.

Before going to bed, you can describe in your diary everything that happened to you during the day. In doing so, pay attention to each sentence and try to understand which word and phrase are more appropriate. The perfect exercise will be the inventing of metaphors: the metaphor for your day, event.

5. Make a blog

This is the same as the diary, but in this case, you will learn to edit yourself and be more critical of what you are writing about. The blog is very useful for understanding what excites people. They can comment only on one sentence from the whole post, and you will learn how to attract the reader’s attention.

You will finally understand that what you are writing is about you, but for others. No matter what you put into your words, it’s important how people perceive it. No one cares about your idea, no matter how brilliant it is if very few people understand it. Also, it does not matter, the whole piece of writing or one line. You will learn how to perceive your finished work (an article, story, post) as a whole, you will understand where to direct the reader’s emotions and what feelings to cause.

You can experiment. For example, write a post that will cause the reaction you are proposing and see if it is so. This is a very exciting and cognitive exercise.

6. Select a topic

Of course, in the case of a diary, this can be just an automatic letter.  But if you do not want to turn your entire life into a structure, you need boundaries.

When you choose a topic, you focus on one subject and try to find a lot of interesting moments in it. It’s like creativity: look at the apple and describe it on 50 sheets. Such a creative task is not for everyone, but one should strive for this.

Frames are beautiful in any kind of creativity. Therefore, after choosing a topic, you can set yourself another task – so that in your story no word would be longer than ten letters. This simple method will make you treat what you write more consciously.

7. Automatic Mail

To increase your writing skills, you need to write a lot. And preferably by hand. Automatic writing is an analog of brainstorming for finding ideas.

Set yourself the task of sitting down and writing about anything for an hour. You can jump from topic to topic, change the style of writing and speed. Just do not stop for a minute, write for an hour. In such a way you will not only get rid of the fear of writing, but you will also learn to find the topics in seconds. After a week of such practice, you will be convinced that even an aimless script helps you to improve your skills and makes you pay attention to the words that you write.

The most important advice: write by hand. There is no possibility of full maneuver and flexibility in the text editor, the text turns out to be the way it is because it can be very difficult to correct. Whereas when you write by hand, you can freely cross out, emphasize the words you need, highlight and change phrases. Also, many scientists agree that motor activity activates certain parts of the brain that remain unused when you are typing on the keyboard.

8. Use synonyms

You will look much better in the eyes of your readers if you write without repeating words and will constantly use a set of synonyms for different words in your texts. Almost every word has several synonyms, which can be used when writing.

This is especially useful when you have already used a certain word several times, and you need to use it again. If you know a synonym for this word, then you can easily replace it, and not use it again and again.

9. Separate paragraphs

Most amateur writers make the mistake of writing long paragraphs that make their text boring and uninteresting. Therefore, breaking paragraphs, and then, placing them one by one, you will make your text easy to read, and the resulting message will be much more interesting.

Even if you do not have a wide variety of topics for discussion, you can break down the main thing into three or four paragraphs, rather than overwhelming one paragraph with a bunch of sentences.

10. Edit the text


The last but not the least, you must develop the habit of reading what you wrote. This will serve a dual purpose – first, you can find some mistakes. Secondly, when you read yourself, you can evaluate your post as a reader and build a stream of ideas and semantic points within the text more competently. Then you can edit it to make your text more attractive and useful for the readers.

Good luck with improving your writing skills!

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