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People always ask me when I became an essay writer. And when I get such questions in the past, I tend to cover them up with other stories. To me, writing is a way of expressing one’s feelings, and I think everyone is born a writer, but not everyone born of a woman is a creative writer. As long as you can speak, you can write to an extent. But writing is not just about joining words together to form a sentence. There is more to it.

I have read so many articles about prominent writers dishing out stories of how they became essay writers. Some of the stories were captivating, which of course, is popular among those in this profession. I will talk about my early beginnings. But before I revisit the past, let me say a little about the present. There is a saying that “A cap would not be valuable without the head.” And I totally concur with this.

When I discovered I had the passion for writing and needed to become an essay writer full time, one of the challenges that almost crippled my ambition was finding a good platform to showcase my skills. It wasn’t easy, and as a newbie, there were a lot of mountains for me to climb.

But in all, I am happy I became an essay writer at paper writing service https://assignmenthelpers.com.au/essay-writer/. I didn’t only become a better writer but saw the need to make offering essay help a permanent thing. Another benefit of joining this platform is not only the financial gains. They gave me all the necessary apparatus and support needed to become a better writer. My orientation about writing was also changed completely.

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The challenges before writers today are getting more serious by the day. Information has become a major weapon of change in the world today, which is why writers need to sit up. If you take proper statistics, you may notice that people have gradually started becoming uninterested in reading. Now the question is, are these people finding reading uninteresting because of their busy schedule or because many writers are becoming lazy? Well, both answers are right.

Writers need to wake up and start producing original and captivating content. Content that appeals to readers and makes them read from start to finish. People are looking for information every day; information that could solve their problems. Therefore, whatever people are looking for, it is our duty as writers to engage and solve their problems with our writings.

This brings me to the question I am here to provide answers to; why I became a writer. And remember, there is a reason behind every step a man takes.

This is the reason why I became a writer

We lived in a place where mother nature never fails to dazzle its host; a place where the evergreen trees provide both comfort and amusement. And I always marveled at the site of not just the gigantic and beautiful trees and leaves

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I kept on wondering how they were able to withstand the wind’s pressure for years. This kept me wondering for many years. I was also the only child of my parents, so I didn’t have the opportunity or someone I could share my feelings with. I only had the opportunity to express myself by jotting everything I saw on the pages of my notebook. Until one day, my teacher found out I was using my notebook for something else and invited my parents over.

I thought that was the end for me because my dad is a disciplinarian. To my greatest surprise, he didn’t react in the way I expected him to. He was calm, happy and didn’t show any sign that he was angry with me. We zoomed off to the house and guess the first word I heard from him, “if you need books to write on, just ask me. ”Whenever I remember the day my dad made that comment, my respect for him increases.

I started writing and jotting down things that caught my attention. I wasn’t talkative in class, so everybody knew that about me. I started writing music at the age of 16 and then short stories. From there, I started dreaming big; my goal was to become a famous writer when I grow up.

At college, I started by helping other students with their assignments. I became well-known throughout campus because I was delivering quality custom essays at that time.

I had competition from other essay writers. But the difference was, I was doing what I love doing, but they were after financial gains.

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I had more clients than anyone on campus at that time. I was consistent in my delivery and delivered projects on time. I never disappointed anyone because writing and reading were what I do most of the time. So, whenever I was given tasks, I always do them with pleasure.

I write most of the time, so I never get bored doing it. I derive pleasure in writing just as a football would when playing football. Since graduating from college, I have never stopped writing. I also write my paper manually; I do not use any form of assistance online. Looking back to how I started, I always tell myself I was created to become a writer. The passion I have for writing is unquantifiable. I feel so happy whenever I am given writing tasks.

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