12 of the Funniest Jerry Seinfeld Quotes

Writingby Ariana Smith20 April 2021

12 of the Funniest Jerry Seinfeld Quotes

Are you a great fan of the world’s most eminent comedian Jerry Seinfield? If yes, you must consider some essential things that can help you achieve your life objectives better. Sometimes a smile can win the world than a show of annoyance. 

Seinfield is known for his funniest quotes and humor. It will make you feel happy and joyful in the times to come in your life. If you have heard his quotes correctly, you will understand how he inspires people with his humorous quotes and fun-making attitude. There are several world-famous quotes that you must remember from him once you hear them. 

World Famous Funniest Quotes Of Jerry Seinfield You Must Remember     

There are several world-famous quotes of Jerry Seinfield that you must know if you are a die heart fand of this great personality. This world-famous comedian makes us laugh in difficult times in our life even when the scope of it is less.      

1. “People Do Not Say No To Money It Is What Separates Us From Animals.”  

In this quote, he tries to explain human nature, that human beings do not turn down money as it represents the symbolic difference between human beings and animals. It will show that if you want to prioritize money in your life, you will see yourself close to animal instinct, who loves to hunt down his prey at the cost of its hunger as nothing is important to him at that time. You can understand his quotes well once you visit the Jerry Seinfeld concert tour.   

2. “The Best Counter To Technology Boom Is Standup Comedy.” 

The meaning of this quote is quite insightful as we all live in the age of information where the telephonic voice of a person does not reveal his true identity or intentions; rather, it fabricates words to make people satisfied with the answers they want, just like comedians do the stage performances.    

3. “ You Need Talent, Confidence, and Brains.”   

Jerry is a very witty and talented comedian; through his words, he expresses the exact condition of society that people must have talent, confidence, and brains to balance their career and life. Anything more or less can result in a complete disaster. You need to consider facts, and you must push your confidence using your brains as overconfidence is harmful. 

4. “ Oscars Are Not Only Parameters For Being Good.” 

Oscars are the parameters that can define an actor or a comedian to be good or bad. Often, actors and comedians fight against each other. It is the public appeal that matters the most. If you want to succeed in your career, you have to become famous among your fans and followers who watch you every time.   

5. “ Keep Your head Down in Success And Head Up In Failure.” 

In this iconic comedy, he reveals the truth about success and failure in life. It means that if you fail in life, then you must be ready with your head up to face the upcoming challenges. On the other hand, if you succeed in life, you must not feel arrogant about it. You must have the choices with you, but you must know how to use your options well. 

6. “ Money Is Nice But It Is Not  Only The Thing What Makes You Feel Good.” 

Money is nice, but it is not what can make you drive to work harder in life. You need to access things that can make you feel good in times of crisis. Your hard work can win money, but your money cannot beat the hard work. If you want to develop your work, then money cannot be the only motivating factor. 

7. “ Why Is That Guy The Most Famous Guy.” 

It is tough to find a guy who relies on his guts. The most famous guy is the one who relies on others and does not dare to stand alone with his heart. It makes things worse if you try to judge a person with his popularity. The most iconic things that people have to consider from their end.    

8. “ You know What My Bed Time Story Was.” Darkness 

Darkness is what most people fear, and you need to consider facts that will help you achieve more things in your life. The more you can make your contributions in the darkest hour, the brightest star you will become in your life.    

9. “ I am So Busy Doing Nothing” 

It is also an iconic thing that you show people that you are very busy, but you are doing nothing that can make you active. Most people are in the habit of doing things to make them feel like that. Jerry’s quotes are intended towards them.   

10. “It’s Amazing That All the News We Read Everyday Fits In The Newspaper.” 

The main idea behind this is all the newspaper does not contain all the news that we require, but we get the news that we do not require. You need to consider these things in advance while you want to get the news of your choice.  

11. “ Sometimes The Less Travelled Roads Are Less Travelled For A Reason” 

People sometimes do not travel on such a road that is unknown to them as they may get lost or can lose their tempo if they do not make their right choices at the right time. It is an iconic line that cannot be overlooked. 

12. “ The IRS is Like the Mafia They Can Take Anything They Want.”  

Here, jerry, in a humorous wat depicts the character of the IRS, who, for the tax collection, can take away all the things from you if they do not receive the tax on time. The more you can consider these facts, the better you can understand his quotes.   


Hence, if you want to understand Jerry’s quotes, you have to make things happen for you in your favor. The more active you are in understanding the quotes, the better decisions you can take in time.

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