What Is Super Alexa Mode And How To Active It? 2021 Guide

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What Is Super Alexa Mode And How To Active It? 2021 Guide

Are you searching for the answer to what Super Alexa mode is? Do you want to know how to activate this Super Alexa mode? Here I will give you the answers to the common questions that are roaming in your mind regarding the Super Alexa mode. It will be fun to read about this funny thing that Amazon has included in their Alexa Echo assistant. So, let’s head towards the topic. 

What Is Super Alexa Mode?

Super Alexa mode is nothing but a cheat code. Let’s put it in one of the most common terms, and it is an Easter Egg, which puts Alexa into a secret mode, obviously.

All your Echo device will do is tell you that “Super Alexa Mode Activated.” and eventually also show it on its screen.

You must know that there is nothing to serve intentionally by the “Super Alexa Code.” It is nothing but a stupid joke that is hidden inside Alexa for the little enjoyment of developers and users. This whole thing is based on Konami Code. this is a famous cheat code that is created by a video game developer and also publisher Konami.

You will be able to see this code is appearing, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Contra series of games. 

How To Activate Super Alexa Mode?

In order to activate the “Super Alexa Mode” or “Super Cheats Mode,” there is a specific command that you need to give Alexa. No need to worry about the command, as it is super easy.

Here is the command,

Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

After hearing this particular command, Alexa will respond with “Super Alexa Mode Activated. Starting reactors, online.” Wait, it is not done yet. Alexa will also say, “Enabling advanced system, online.” raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.” And after that, there will be silence. Eventually, Super Alexa Mode can no fully engage till the time it finds the missing dongers to “raise ur dongers,” another inside joke only for the gamers. 

You will also be surprised to know that this Super Alexa Mode is not only for Amazon-specific devices but also for any echo devices, such as Echo Dot or Echo Show.

This command also works for the Alexa app that is available for both Apple and Google app stores

What Can Super Alexa Mode Do?

The super Alexa mode is here only to make all the gamers laugh with the answers that they will get to their funniest questions. At any point of use or time, this Super Alexa Mode will not upgrade or change any state of your particular Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant device. 

It is nothing but just a trick to make the gamers think that they’ve discovered something special. But Super Alexa Mode does not furnish Alexa with any other new capabilities.  

What Is The Super Alexa Code?

In order to activate the Super Alexa Mode, the command that you give to your Alexa is addressed as the Super Alexa Code. 

As I have mentioned earlier, The Konami Code, which was originally meant for only gamers, is the reference for this Super Alexa Code. In order to make games easier to play, the Konami code was included in various kinds of Nintendo games. 

Over the years, there are many other variations of those cheat codes also added to Nintendo games. But you can say that The Konami code is the most well-known super cheats of all time.  

The Konami codes had come to the spotlight by their very use in the Contra game. By entering the Konami code just after pausing the game, any gamer can unlock all the power-ups that this game has within it. 

Over time, for gamers, it became something of an Easter Egg, Which is a secret to share with other gamers in the know. 

Significance of Alexa Mode

If you’re asking about the significance of super Alexa mode, let’s start with the voice command! The overall process of giving voice command to a gaming controller is so much fun. There are other aspects such as invincibility, moods, access, secrets, menus, and so on. 

It became very popular especially with the different variety of games through the 90s. This is where the basic spaceship computer talk is emulated in Alexa. When a voice assistant head will do things, such as set an alarm, reply to messages, call, or even connect with other devices, it is something that is quite engaging. 

It is a common process that has been going on with all other devices, a form of technological advancement. With the Konami code, Alexa has special abilities, new cheat,s and unlimited lives. You can change these in the settings or they can remain unchanged. 

Some More Interesting Facts To Know

Now you know pretty much about the Super Alexa Mode. Here are some more facts about the same thing, along with the super app hack and many more. 

1. Can Super Alexa Mode Be Dangerous?

No, there is no danger in Super Alexa Mode; it is just for some fun. This feature will not cause any harm and also not serve any kind of functional purpose. About 10 seconds, this feature will automatically run its course, and nothing happens further. 

You also do not need to do anything in order to turn Super Alexa Mode off, as it automatically closes itself. Around 10 seconds later, it will automatically turn off the Super Alexa mode. 

2. Can Super Alexa Mode Be Deactivated?

The Super Alexa Mode does not do anything to your Amazon Alexa device, so there is no requirement for deactivating “Super Alexa Mode.” But as I have mentioned earlier, about 10 seconds after, it will automatically turn off itself.

3. Why Does This Super Alexa Mode Exist?

Super Alexa Mode does not serve any functional purpose to its users, and it is just for fun. There is a theory that says this Super Alexa Mode forms a bond between Alexa and, of course, Its users in order to make it user-friendly. This is also the reason why various Easter Eggs are programmed into the Alexa Echo Device of Amazon. 

Pros and Cons of Super Alexa Mode

It is beneficial because you can order via voice, and so you will get the response! At times if you’re busy doing something important, you can make Alexa mode do certain activities such as book an appointment or set an alarm. 

One drawback is privacy. Any device that you buy, you should be aware of the privacy concerns. Over the years there have been several reports about Amazon’s services and products.  

There have been instances when employees listen in through the devices of the conversation between customers. 


So, now you know almost everything about the Super Alexa Mode. Apart from the process of activating it, you also know some important factors that will answer your queries about the Super Alexa Mode. You can try this just by giving the specific command that I have mentioned.

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