What Does An Extended Mag Do?

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Extended Mag

Gun accessories play a vital role in improving a person’s shooting ability. There are various gun accessories that you can attach to your gun or rifle, which could improve its performance in shooting. If you’re looking for a polymer 80 glock, 80percentarms.com offers multiple different ones to suit everyone’s needs.

An extended mag is also considered a gun accessory that is mostly being used by the military for its main purpose, giving an extra round of ammunition.

Extended magazines come in different designs, and each of them has its benefits. To have an initial idea of their unique features, one example of an extended mag that you can refer to is the Taurus G2C 9mm extended magazine. But if you want to learn more about extended magazines and how they can bring change into your shooting game, we will discuss that in this article.

What Is An Extended Magazine?


An extended magazine or also called a large-capacity magazine or high-capacity magazine is one of the most versatile gun accessories ever invented. Extended magazines are compatible with various firearms, from normal pistols and handguns to high-caliber AR 15 rifles.

The inventors of this accessory made sure that they have extended magazines for every firearm available because they want every rifle and handgun to have efficient ammunition. An extended magazine was created to allow shooters to carry more bullets with them that can hold more bullets other than the standard legal number of rounds a rifle or handgun must-have.

The luxury of having more rounds in your firearm gives shooters, especially the military, a big advantage. Extended mags provide the soldiers to fire more shots than the average firearm and allow them to charge in and have an advantage during the gunfight. Extended magazines also allow shooters to save some time and limit the time they reload their firearms.

Extended Magazines As a Threat:

But sadly, extended magazines nowadays have a bad reputation because most criminals and murderers use this weapon accessory to commit illegal acts. It was reported that extended magazines are often seen in the firearms of criminals committing mass shootings.

Police officers said that these criminals used extended magazines to provide them extra ammunition and shoot possible threats without the worry of reloading and wasting time.

This issue is the greatest downside of extended magazines. Because of their versatility that allowed allows the accessory to be attached to almost every firearm available poses a big threat to public security. Also, they are accessible to everyone who legally owns a gun. The chances of criminal acts occurring are highly possible.

Due to this, extended magazines are now illegal to some States in the US. Even California, which is stricter than other states when it comes to gun control, made extra magazines illegal.

In conclusion, an extra magazine is a type of weapon accessory that is capable of providing more rounds to shooters. They can be attached to any firearm and allow the shooter to exceed the limit of their reload, saving them a lot of time on the battlefield. This is a powerful accessory that can lead to massive chaos when it falls into the wrong hands.

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