Top 9 Tools Every Jeweler Needs In Their Collection

Gadgetsby Mashum Mollah01 November 2021

Tools Every Jeweler Needs

Jewelry is intricate work. You need a plethora of tools to mold and manipulate materials into your desired design. If you are also designing the pieces, try to think about how you will make them. You should start off with basic designs before attempting the more detailed work. You need a steady hand and a good eye to work on a tiny piece of jewelry day in and day out.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional jeweler – here are a few tools you need in your collection.

1. Round nose pliers

Round nose pliers will help you make loops from the wire. You can use these loops as part of the jewelry design or to make clasps and jump rings. Whenever you need a smooth curve, pick up the round nose plier.

2. Flat nose pliers

Flat nose pliers are a little more specialist. The wide surface area of the tip gives you a better grip. You can hold the wire in place with the flat nose pliers and manipulate the jewelry with another set.

3. Wire cutters

Wire cutters are an essential tool in any jeweler’s collection. There are cheap ones available, but they will not stand the test of time. Invest in a high-quality pair that will cut even the thickest of wires. Wire cutters are a staple material that you need to make jewelry.

4. Soldering torches

You may need to heat gold, sterling silver, and copper to produce your designs. A soldering torch can help heat larger metals so you can manipulate their shape. Just make sure you are wearing the heatproof gloves and the correct PPE when handling the torch.

5. Hand drill

You never know when a hand drill might come in useful. You may need to drill holes in pieces of metal to form your designs or an unusual clasp. Find a small hand drill that will work for intricate work. You should get a few attachments for the drill in different sizes as well.

6. Crimper tool

The crimping tool is used to flatten and round a crimp breed onto the wire. The jaws of the pliers have special notches that help to shape the bread into a round shape. You could also use flat nose pliers to force the bead into position. However, this technique is not recommended, and a crimper tool will produce a more seamless result.

7. Flux

Flux is put onto a joint before you begin soldering oxides. It keeps the piece clean and helps the solder flow when heated.

8. Flush cutter

If you are cutting lots of wire, a flush cutter may be more efficient. Just make sure to watch the size of the wire you cut, as they can only handle a certain gauge. You could ruin the tool by cutting a wire that is too thick.

9. Metal ruler

A ruler always comes in handy for measuring wires and dimensions.

Get creative with your jewelry pieces, and make the most out of every tool.

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