Top Legendary Japanese Sword Types You Should Know, Including Nagamaki Sword

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Japanese Sword

Traditionally, the Japanese sword was reserved for the honored as well as most skilled warriors in japan. This means that not everyone had the privilege of owning these swords. They were only available to those with honored personalities featuring immense fighting tactics and skills. They were a reserve for those with a high reputation. Even more, there were several types of these swords. Understanding each type is key—especially when it comes to purchasing your favorite Japanese Swords. This article is going to highlight the top types of Japanese swords.

Here are the top types of Japanese swords:

Odachi, or Nodachi

Odachi, also known as the Nodachi sword, was used by samurais for war. Big, this sword is two-handed. It was mostly used against Calvary—ire open field battles. It’s also important to note that these Japanese swords were too big and couldn’t be sheathed on a worrier’s waist. That’s why they were sheathed on the back. Alternatively, they were carried by the hand.


Similar to their Katana counterparts, the Tachi sword is longer as well as curvier. It takes time to produce these types of swords. This is because they are complicated to produce. The Tachi sword is about 27 to 30 inches linger. They are longer than katana. However, they are thinner.


The most common type of Japanese sword is the katana. They were also common types among the samurais.  They are held by hand. It’s important to note that they are associated with close combat. Smaller than their Tachi counterparts, Katana swords were used during the WW2. They are manufactured using high-quality steel referred to as tamahagane. They are folded to create a high string blade. They are expensive.


Synonymous with the shinobi (also known as the ninjas), the ninja swords differed from katana swords in a myriad of ways. First, ninja swords come with straight blades. Second, they are shorter. On average, a ninja sword measures about 19 inches. They are thick. They also come with unusual combat. However, they are not complicated to manufacture. However, they are a good investment for anybody who is willing to have a taste of Japanese culture.


Wakizashi were mostly designed to complement their katana and Nagamaki counterparts. They are shorter and could be carried alongside katana by the samurai warriors. They are lightweight. One arm can weld a Wakizashi sword. Wakizashi measure 12 to 24 inches long. The production procedure is specific. It’s also important to note that these swords are thicker than their katana counterparts. They are also less curved. These swords come with unique patterns on their edges.

Other Types

The following are additional types of Japanese swords:

  • Uchigatana and Tsurugi
  • Hokuto and Kodachi
  • Ninjato and Nagamaki
  • Zanbato and Daisho
  • Yoroi-Doshi and Kaiken
  • Bokken and Shinai
  • Kyu-Gunto

The Bottom-Line

The above are common types of Japanese swords. From Odachi to ninja swords—these are the legendary Japanese swords you can buy and be like a worrier. Make a wise decision and live the life of a Japanese worrier. After all, you were born to win. And that’s why having a legendary Japanese sword is the best way to boost your confidence.

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