Top 13 Most Beautiful Birds in India [Updated in 2021]

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India is a rich country with a wide variety of fauna and flora to brag about. Due to the enormous diversity in India in all aspects, most tourists are being attracted to the country. Be it lovers of nature, animal lovers, bird lovers, or zoologists, the state gives everyone a chance to have the best fun regarding what they do like. You must know about the most beautiful birds in India.

When it comes to the rich and diverse beautiful birds of this great nation, there are some establishments of bird sanctuaries, parks, and reserves. Currently, when it comes to the country with the most birds and wildlife tourist destinations in India.

If you are a bird watcher, then India is a paradise. If you ever desire to feast your eyes and ears with the chirping birds, the wild jungles of India are the hotspots. When you walk through the bushes, you can have a view of more than 1250 species of birds. Usually, these beautiful birds are defined in groups according to their biogeographical regions.

Some of the places with the birds’ nests and holes for the exotic birds include the Deccan Plateau, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Gangetic Plain, Desert, and Semi-arid. Also the eastern Himalayan, western Himalayan, and Trans Himalayan are among the best homes for beautiful birds.

The famous bird sanctuaries of India where you can enjoy watching the beautiful birds move around include

  • Nalsarovar Sanctuary (Gujarat).
  • Keoladeo Ghana National Park (Rajasthan)
  • Karnala Sanctuary (Maharashtra
  • Kumarakom Sanctuary (Kerala)
  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (North Goa)

 The most beautiful bird species are as follows: 

1. Indian Peafowl 

The Peafowl is popularly known as pheasants. The male species of the birds are known as peacocks and the female species is known as the peahens. The combinations of these two gender of birds are known as peafowl.   

Some of the key characteristics of these birds are as follows:- 

  • The diet of the Peafowl is Omnivore. 
  • The average life span of this bird is 20 years. 
  • The body size of this bird is about 35-50 inches tall. 
  • The weight of this bird is 8.75 to 13 pounds. 

Most people know it as the national bird of India and one of the sacred birds in Hindu tradition.

Its colorful feathers are the ones that make them more attractive. When you walk to all the parks in India, you will always find this species. It’s a bird of the pheasant family and originates from South Asia. The male bird is referred to as a peacock and has a length of about 40to 46 inches.

The blue peafowl

Can be found all over India and the neighboring states. But its main occupation is the Indian Subcontinent

2. Asian Paradise Flycatcher 

The Asian Paradise Flycatcher is also known as the common Paradise Flycatcher. They are found in the Asian subcontinent. They are available in 14 subspecies all around the world. Also, they are one of the most beautiful birds of the world one could ever imagine. 

Some of the key features of these birds are as follows 

  • Asian Paradise Flycatcher measures around 7.5-8.7 inches. 
  • It feeds on the insects captured in the air. 
  • From the month of May to July these Asean Flycatcher breeds.  
  • These birds are found in Srilanka, the Island of Sumba, India, and East Turkistan. 
asian paradise flycatcher

Across all over India is this beautiful and amazing Asian Paradise Flycatcher. This bird is medium-sized. Usually, male paradise flycatchers have impressive and long tails. They have a greyish throat and underparts. You can easily spot the white and rufous forms of an Asiatic paradise flycatcher in the well-wooded habitats and thick forests from Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

3. Great Indian Bustard 

The great Indian bustard is one of the heaviest flying birds all over the world. Some special features of this bird are not known to many of us. Therefore, let’s explore some of the important features of these birds in the best possible. 

Features Of The Great Indian Bustards are as follows:

  • The tallest individual stands up to 1.2 meters to 4 feet high. 
  • The largest among them is 15kg in weight. 
  • These birds are omnivores in nature. 
  • Great Indian Bustards feed opportunistically. 
  • They feed on worms, arthropods, and mammals. 

Hence, if you are searching for the best beautiful birds of India then Great Indian Bustards is the one you can look for. 

Great Indian Bustard

These beautiful birds are usually long-legged and are found in the Desert National Park. When it comes to differentiating between the male and female, this could be a bit challenging. If you wish to have a glimpse of these birds, you can visit Lala-Parjau Sanctuary in western Kutch (Gujarat) and Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (Gurgaon)

4. Indian Pitta 

The great Indian Pitta is one of the most colorful birds of all time. The size of the bird is between 10-20cm. It is a small stubby tail bird. The beak of the Indian Pitta is orange and brownish-orange that comprises the black tip.    

Some of the common features of the Indian Pitta are as follows:- 

  • It has tall brown eyes, a short tail, and short legs. 
  • The upper part of the bird comprises the green and the blue tail, bright red in the lower part of the belly, and the underparts are buff. 
  • The short and stubby tail is not clearly seen and in most cases, it is covered by the wings. 
Indian Pitta

 This medium-sized bird usually pops out especially in the winters for breeding in the southern parts of India and the Sub –Himalayas foothillsThe bird with a small stubby tail can be found mainly in the floors of forests and the thick undergrowth.

Its legs are strong, and the crown has nine colors. On the upper parts, it’s green, and the throat is white, orange vent, black coronal, red lower belly, and a blue tail. Among the rare birds of the Indian subcontinental is the Indian pitta, and is found in an extensive range of habitats.

5. Common Kingfisher  

The common Kingfisher is found in the 87 different species of the world currently.  It comes from a family of medium-sized birds. They have the features for hunting and fishing sometimes feeding on fish and on other prey.   

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows:- 

  • The length of this bird ranges from 3.9-18 inches. 
  • The weight of these birds is 0.32 to 18lbs. 
  • The average life span of these birds is of 15 years maximum. 
  • The most common habitat of these birds is in rivers, lakes, and forested streams. 
Common Kingfisher

The common kingfisher is among one of the most known avifaunas with its settlement in India. The bird weighs about 30-34 g. its length is about 17 cm. This bird is found in Sundarbans National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, and Corbett National Park . The lifespan of this bird is just seven years.

6. Sarus Crane 

The Sarus Crane is the world’s tallest bird. When this bird stands, it appears almost as tall as a man. It is one of the elegant birds that you can consider from your end. The average life span of this bird is around 30-40 years.   

Some of the Key Features of these birds are as follows:- 

  • The average population size of this bird is 19-21.8 Thousand. 
  • The average weight of this bird is between 6.8-7.8kgs. 
  • The average wingspan is about 220-250cm. 
sarus crane

Being the only resident crane in the Indian subcontinent, the Sarus crane is found in the south of the Godavari River. East to West Bengal and Assam and west to coastal Gujarat, Punjab. It is the largest of the Indian cranes with a maximum height of 5.9 ft. This makes them the world’s tallest flying birds.

Its population is declining in India, and thus it is among the most endangered bird species in India. Sarus crane is the most competitive to the Indian Peafowl is the national bird of India.

7. Himalayan Monal   

The Himalayan Monal is the carnivores as well as herbivores. They feed in insects, tubers, berries, and roots. 

Some of the Key Features of the bird are as follows:- 

  • These are monogamous birds ass per their mating behavior. 
  • The reproduction season of this bird is between April to August. 
  • The average age of these birds is six months.
Himalayan Monal

In the pheasant family, the Himalayan Monal is the most beautiful bird. It is also referred to as the Impeyan Pheasant of Danph in the state bird of Uttarakhand. This stunning and colorful bird flies higher in the altitudes of the Himalayas mountain ranges including the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh.

8. Grey Junglefowl  

The grey junglefowl has already 20-30 races that are available across Asia and in other subcontinents of the world.  

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows:- 

  • The original distribution of these birds is in China and Malaysia. 
  • They have 20-30 races that are now available in their category widely. 
  • These birds prefer grain fields near bushy cover. 
Grey Junglefowl


 Just as the name indicates, these beautiful birds have long necks with blackish-grey colors. Their comp is usually deep red, and their feathers have a combination of black and white stripes. This bird is mainly found in Sultanpur National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, and Bandipur National Park.

9. Satyr Tragopan 

These are the most beautiful birds in India that are found in the Eastern Himalayas. These birds are usually available besides Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. 

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows:- 

  • These birds are found in the Eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. 
  • They are available in Neora Valley National Park in North Bengal. 
  • Male Satyrs are 68cm and comprise of Bright Crimson Red. 
Satyr Tragopan


Also known as the Crimson Horned Pheasant, it is the only pheasant found in the foothills of the great Himalayas of India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. This bird is subject to habitat loss and hunting, and therefore only a small population still exists in India.

It is among the five species of tragopans of India. Its male usually has blue horns, and a gular wattle that will always display during the mating season to attract the females.

10. Brown long-eared bat 

These are nocturnal birds and are available at nighttime. These are all medium-sized bats with huge ears. They come out at night to feed on moths, midges, and other nocturnal flying insects.    

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows:- 

  • These are all medium-sized bats with huge ears. 
  • All the UK Bats are nocturnal in nature. 
  • Though Echo sensing adaptivity they can sense the direction 
Brown long-eared bat


These medium-sized bat features are usually pink in color on the face. When you compare the males and females, the females are slightly larger. According to research, this species is much vulnerable with a minimum lifespan of about four years of age and a maximum of 30 years. These beautiful birds have their locations in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

11. Lesser Flamingo

The bird is the smallest in the Flamingo species and is one of the migratory birds that are seen the most in India. In the Indian subcontinent, the birds have become a resident population in India.

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows: 

  • These birds have pale pink plumage which makes them quite unique from other birds. 
  • They breed in saline and alkaline lakes along with coastal lagoons and salt pans which are farther away from shore. 
  • The birds are called flamingo which is a Portuguese word that means “red goose”! 

You will be able to see this bird at the Rann of Kutch! The Flamingo is pink in color and it has a unique eating habit. They are mostly found in saline lagoons and saltwater lakes so they eat the blue-green algae which is a huge part of their diet.

The pigment from the algae is also visible in different parts of the birds such as their legs and plumage. You can watch them migrating during the winter.

12. Rose-ringed Parakeet

The parakeets also known as rose-necked parakeets are one of the most prominent birds in India and are so beautiful with their red and green color! They have later been carried to Middle Eastern countries and Europe because of their beauty.

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows: 

  • They do not have any life-long mates hence, only in breeding season do they form pairs however, they are monogamous. 
  • These birds lay about 1 to 7 eggs hence, they incubates the eggs for about 3 weeks. 
  • The birds have diverse color mutations with violet, yellow, and blue. 

They are also known for their ability to mimic human voices, both males and females can do it. A medium-sized parrot has a black neck ring along with a red color! At times, there are different sexes of birds with distinct green colors. 

At times, you can see that the adult males have a neck-ring that is red. The females of this species do not have it. The birds have an elongated pointed tail. Their diet consists of nuts, buds, berries and seeds. 

13. Crested Serpent Eagle

The eagle is another beauty on the Indian subcontinent and they belong to the raptor family. They are mostly found in regions where there is thick vegetation and they are the native residents of India.

Some of the common features of these birds are as follows: 

  • They have bushy crests which are covered with white-tipped along with large heads 
  • The juvenile eagles have dark streaks with dark masks 
  • The scream of these birds is so loud that it is often heard across the forest 

The scream of these birds is 1-3 notes. A large head, long feathers, and fluffy crest create fierce imagery! They also have white bands on their wings which are only visible when they open their wings.

With formidable claws and scaled strong feet, the eagle can capture and grasp the prey and they use the shark beak to kill predators and their food!

As a species, they have been categorized as Least Concern which is not helpful for them. Even though they are widespread across a large range, they can adapt well in the environment. So, we need to focus on creating an environment with large trees! 


When you think of nature, think of the beautiful birds, wildlife, and botanical features that can captivate your mind. When you visit India, this is a country with the most beautiful fauna and flora. Be it the bird lovers, the wildlife lovers, or nature lovers; this city has it all to make you have great fun.

When going through the article, I am sure you will like one of these birds. But the irony is people are not concerned about the life of these birds because people are not worried about the extinction of these birds! 

Comment on which birds are your favorite and why? 

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