The Difficulties You May Encounter with Vapes

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As a newcomer to the vape, there will be more or less unclear areas, and the problem can not be solved. I collect some difficulties and solutions that may be encountered when using vapes to help novices overcome the difficulties.

Can The Mod Be Charged with A Data Cable?

The mod with built-in battery can only use the line charge. Can we use the line charge on the mod of the replaceable battery? Some indicate that the USB cable can only be used to upgrade the system. Some indicate that the USB cable can be used for charging, and some even have Fast charge charger, you can use fast charge. In the case of a conditional use of a professional battery charger, regardless of whether the modchip has a charging module, the protection measures should be charged by the charger, which can protect the chip and protect the battery.

Directly Start Without Adding E-liquid


Directly turning on without adding e-liquid may cause the atomization core to burn. Many mod type products separate the atomizer from the main unit not only for packaging but also to prevent user misoperation. If the combination of the main unit and the atomizer without refueling, the unintentional pressing of the ignition key after the main unit is turned on may cause the atomization core to burn. The addition of insulating adhesive paper to the bottom of the cartridge is also to prevent the pneumatic switch from inadvertently triggering damage to the atomizing core.

Mod Cannot Boot

Mod failure to boot is usually caused by three reasons: battery, device line, device chip. The reason for the battery is very simple, replace other fully charged batteries. How to judge the chip and circuit? It is also very simple, remove the battery, use the USB interface to power the mod. In the normal case of the chip, there is no battery to boot the mod. Excluding the chip failure, we should check the positive and negative poles of the mainframe, whether it can be closely connected with the positive and negative poles of the battery, and whether the wiring of the battery compartment is soldered. Recently, there is a product called SXK Stealth Style VW Box Mod 60W from vape cigar. Armed with a 0.91-inch OLED display, the specific operation data at a glance. On the one hand, SXK Stealth Style VW Box Mod 60W adjustable power is easy to adapt to your preferences of the new equipment. On the other hand, smooth and light of SXK Stealth Style VW Box Mod 60W makes it portable.

Choosing the Wrong Nicotine Capacity

When you decide to smoke vapes, you often want a transitional process at first. First of all, the most important thing is to choose a way that suits you and plan to get rid of cigarettes. When you decide to use vapes for replacing cigarettes, choosing the right nicotine-containing vape is critical.

How much nicotine should I choose at the beginning? The manufacturer offers several common nicotine levels. 0mg nicotine, which is an option reserved for people who have already quit smoking, to help them retain their smoking habits; 3mg and 6mg are two mild levels for smokers who wish to gradually reduce their nicotine intake;

Usually, the most popular smokers are 12mg and 18mg nicotine, they are generally moderate smokers; some vape brands even provide smokers with a strong nicotine content of 24mg of e-liquid products. For the old smoker (two packs a day), this type of e-liquid is rare on the market. For you to get e-liquids recipes on demand right now, click here now.

Don’t Take Vapes As Cigarettes


Many vape beginners are as short and rushing as a cigarette when they start pumping steam. This is not done right! When smoking vapes, you should try to make yourself feel comfortable and feel the taste. Unfamiliar at first, you just need to relax and master it with a little practice.

E-liquid Smells Burnt

E-liquid has a scent, you are not irrational data settings, find the root cause. The biggest reason for the paste is the result of dry burning of cotton, and the supply of e-liquid is not. An effective solution to reduce the amount of cotton, do not go to the cotton is very compact, fluffy is the most important.

These are the difficulties that novices may encounter when using vapes.SXK Stealth Style VW Box Mod 60W is a good choice. These solutions are very practical and hope to help everyone.

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