How To Identify Subpar Weed

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Subpar Weed

The world is fast appreciating the value of weed. From growers, businessmen, the government, patients, and users, weed is slowly becoming a multi-billion industry. Nowhere is this as evident as in Canada. Did you know that there are virtually no restrictions for buying weed in Canada?

Despite the remarkable growth of the weed industry due to legalization, there are still those that deal in subpar weed. Those dealers that seek to cut corners to avoid paying taxes and charge you a small amount for weed are likely to sell you a product that will not meet your needs.

How To Identify Subpar Weed:

Here is how to tell whether the weed you get is subpar.

1. Smell:

Weed of low quality can have a variety of fragrances that are quirky. This is not good and is referred to as bottom shelf weed or “schwag”. The low-quality flower can reek of mildew and mold. If you buy your weed and the first smell you get is grass or straw-like, this is an indication that it is aged and therefore low in quality. Buy weed online Canada from a reputable dealer or dispensary and avoid weed with unpleasant aromas that indicate poorly cured or mishandled flowers.

2. Look:

When your weed is delivered, you should be able to tell whether it is of low quality from its color. If there are discolored flowers or plenty of seeds and stems, your weed is of low quality. Discolored flowers are usually a result of mold, age, chemicals, and pesticides. You should buy weed from a reputable online dispensary Canada no card to guarantee that subpar weed is not delivered to your doorstep and spoil your evening!

3. Feel:

Low-quality flowers crumble to touch due to brittleness or dryness. Low-quality weed has no weight behind it and is light and airy when placed on your hand. Undone and loose flowers are referred to as “shake”. If you do not have time to go out and buy weed whose feel you can tell, mail order marijuana Canada from a reputable online dispensary.

4. Flower structure:

You can easily detect poor quality flower simply by checking the amount of stem. Flower structure that is weak and airy is low in quality. Plants that are carelessly grown are likely to produce flowers that are inferior looking. Reputable online stores guarantee the best quality since they deal with the best growers for their array of products such as concentrates and edibles.

You should only take Sativa flowers that are fluffy in shape and light in composition. Indica flowers, on the other hand, tend to be denser and tighter in structure. Cultivators that use growth regulators are likely to produce flowers that are rock-hard. These flowers have an unpleasant taste and should be avoided.

Searching for high-quality weed does not have to be a frustrating endeavor. You simply have to visit site of reputable dispensaries online or deal with brick and mortar stores. Your eyes and nose can discern the quality of weed even before you smoke it.

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