5 Ways Jockeys Make Their Horses Run Faster

Sports by  Mashum Mollah 08 May 2021

Ways Jockeys Make Their Horses Run Faster

It’s safe to say that anyone looking for horse racing tips should ask a jockey. But when they are out on the tracks, it’s not just their skill that gets them where they need to be, speed is also an important factor.

Nevertheless, some people think that it’s a skill that gets Jockeys through it all, while others reckon that it is their ability to make the horses go faster.

Regardless of what makes them winners, one thing is evident, most, if not all, jockeys know how to make their mounts go faster. If you are wondering how they do it in general, here are 5 ways jockeys make their horses run faster.

1. Riding style:

1. Riding style:

It is natural for horses to run a bit slower with the weight of a jockey on their back, in fact, any creature would be a lot slower if they had to carry something along with them. That’s why a jockey’s riding style and posture make all the difference in the world.

Let’s take the popular monkey crouch riding style that was brought into the limelight by Todd Sloan. This style had the rider bending his knees and placing them in stirrups rather than letting them hang down the horse’s side. Thanks to this handy style, riders are able to give their mounts more freedom to move even while supporting their body weight. That extra wiggle room goes a long way to propel rgw horse forward faster.

2. Understanding the horse:

Look at things this way, someone who has never driven a large truck before may not necessarily understand how to maneuver one in tricky situations. In the same vein, not being in tune with a horse enough to know their strengths and weaknesses could cost a jockey in terms of the speed they need to win.

Sometimes, what it takes to dominate out there is the ability to think fast and, in turn, move fast. If these two are not in sync then the jockey will definitely have issues making the horse go faster. On the flip side, understanding the horse may just be the key to winning.

3. Research:

What do sports have to do with research, right? Well, a lot more than the layman accounts for. Before mounting any horse or riding on any track, Jockeys need to be conversant with both the horse and terrain.

At times, they do not have the luxury of time in their hands, that is where research comes in. It is important to analyze their opponents as well as the tracks in order to determine how they will beat time. Every single time, going in with some knowledge gives jockeys the upper hand.

4. Riding the right horse:

4. Riding the right horse:

Some Jockeys are so good, they can actually improve a horse. This involves a mixture of fearlessness, experience, skill, and control. Think of this as an extension of understanding the horse; nevertheless, most Jockeys favor certain horses over others. They cannot all be a good fit, as such, they can get a lot further by riding the right horse than they would simply ride a record-breaker.

5. They don’t rely on whipping:

Chances are that anyone off the street would believe that whipping a horse legitimately makes it go faster. That is not completely accurate, while some horses go faster when whipped, others simply don’t. If a jockey is stuck with the latter, whipping them would yield the same results as beating a dead horse would…


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