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Sportsby Mashum Mollah04 January 2021

Corner Swail

Showjumping is on the verge of becoming one of the greatest sports on the planet. If you take a keen interest in showjumping then you must be aware of Conor Swail. If you do not know anything about Horse jumping then don’t worry as in this article I will tell you who Corner Swail is and that are the things you need to do in order to become a horse jumper like Corner Swail

Who is Corner Swail?

If you do not know who he is then let me bring you up to speed. He is one of the best showjumpers on the face of the Earth. He has many records to his name and is known for making his betters double money. He started horse jumping when he was only 6 years old and the first gig that he got was the Dublin Horse Show.
Young generations adore Conor Swail like anything, they find inspiration from him. In the streets of Dublin, you are bound to find out aspiring horse jumpers who praise him like a God.

How can you become a horse jumper like a Corner Swail Showjumper?  

horse jumperThe thing you must note here is that it’s not all about the horses in show jumping, Yes I agree that horses play a role in it, but that role is very little. Things become way easier if you have a mentor who will guide you throughout the process. If you think you need a mentor, look for retired Irish horse jumpers as they are very keen on taking up coaching activities. Down below are the five things you must take care of in order to become a Corner Swail showjumper.

1. Keep a Pliable Jog


Keeping a job that is quite pliable is the most important requirement if you want to be a horse jumper. I, being a professional horse jumper for the last five years can tell you that you should take long walks whenever required.

2. You need to focus on your flatwork

Focusing on your flatwork is very important if you want to be a professional horse jumper like Conor Swail. You must build a very good relationship with your horse so that he can trust you. Find some time out and practice horse jumping with your horse. You should personally change the leg yields to make your pony more comfortable.

3. Bring a gander with you

If you bring a gander to the ground, it will help your horse to focus and will get a forwarded ride. Even the famous Conor Swail used to bring a gander with him.

4. Choose little fences first

You are yet to become Conor Swail Irish showjumper, you are not there yet so kindly hold your horses. While horse jumping chooses little fences first and then move on to longer fences.

5. Check your weight

Note that Conor Swail weighed only 55kgs. If you want to become a professional jumper like Conor Swail Irish showjumper then you need to stop eating junk food and food with high amounts of sugar. Change your diet into something light. I suggest you eat oats in the morning and the evening.

6. Exercise daily

You need to take care of your well-being first if you want to become a pro showjumper like Conor Swail. Exercising is a must. Start your morning by running 5 kilometers at least and end your day by running 4 kilometers. This not only keeps you fit but also increases your endurance.


Make sure you follow these steps in order to become a pro showjumper like Conor Swail. Doing these little things will make your horse graceful and make you a professional showjumper like Conor Swail.

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