Zolucky Reviews – Is Zolucky .Com Legit? Buyers Beware!

Reviewsby Mashum Mollah21 October 2021

Zolucky reviews

Are you searching for Zolucky reviews? Is Zolucky legit? Have you researched well about Zolucky? Let’s solve these queries in detail.

Zolucky is an online store that is gaining popularity nowadays, both in terms of negative and positive aspects. 

It is said that “You must never judge a book by its cover.” So, you should never judge an online store; just be observing the high discounts and website design. Always research detailed information online and then make a buying decision

Zolucky Clothing Store – What You Need To Know?

Zolucky Clothing Store

Zolucky is an online fraud store that sells cheap or low-quality products. You may get the products you deliver, but it is not as shown on the website.

After ordering a pair of socks from Zolucky, I realized that the quality of the socks was pathetic. It was not even near to my actual size, and when I requested a refund, the customer service didn’t respond at all.

The pictures of the clothes looked so attractive online that they held my attention, and I ordered them immediately. However, I made a big mistake after ordering from the website.

I received cheap material clothes from the website, and now I am using them as rags. I truly hate the website, and it led to a bad shopping experience for me.

Zolucky Reviews – Is Zolucky Legit?

Is Zolucky Legit

After researching Zolucky reviews, we came to know that this online store is absolutely a scam. Don’t order anything from this website because it is not a legit site, and you may end up losing your hard-earned money.

At the same time, the information listed on the website was also fake. They have just copied the content from other sites and pasted the same. Now, we will provide you with various reasons why zolucky is fake, and some of the important ones are listed below.

Fake Reviews On the Website

i). Low Prices

Zolucky offers low prices to the customers. However, the offer seems too good to be true. This is actually just their strategy to make innocent people their victims.

Keep in mind; discounts are just a trap set by scammers to grab the hard-earned money of buyers. Thus, you should never get attracted to high discounts at all. Instead, you must prefer trusted websites that are popular online.

ii). Fake Reviews On the Website

While researching Zolucky reviews on BBB, I came to know the actual truth. You might see high ratings of Zolucky online, but all the reviews are fake.

Don’t trust fake reviews on the website; instead, read the past buyer’s experience and then trust a website. At the same time, read the refund and return policy in depth.

iii). Copied Content

Zolucky customer reviews claimed that the site had copied content from other websites. However, we found the same while researching. Not only the content but images were also plagiarized.

The images are taken from other websites and pasted on Zolucky. This is the reason why the received product is not as good as the picture on the store. Besides, the address of the company is also not a genuine one.

iv). Security

No security measures are present on Zolucky to prevent customers’ privacy. This is a risk for customers on eCommerce websites to lose their personal details such as credit card information, bank details, etc.

You must also check the URL of the website and recognize whether it is safe or not. If a website starts with HTTP instead of HTTPS, then avoid visiting those sites because your personal details can be hacked or stolen.

v). No ‘Cash On Delivery’ Option Is Available

I got confused when I saw that no Cash On Delivery option available on the payment page. Cash on delivery is like a must-have option for eCommerce stores as there are many who don’t use online payment methods.

Besides, high delivery is charged even for a low-priced product. This is too irritating for customers who truly want to buy the products.

Is It Worth It?

The website is not a scam but there have been concerns with the products and the prices. At times, it has been observed that customers have not received their products and paid the money.

Based on the reviews, there have been quality concerns with the products as well. You have to do a proper check before you order a product. It is significant especially because the research will give you a background on the product and the brand.

Also check well with the product sizes through the size chart because they do not have consistency. Many customers have made complaints regarding the same. There have been further issues when it comes to return or exchange!

The website is not always responsive hence it is a concern especially when you order fashionable clothes and pay for it! Then you face issues with these orders.

Overall, it is not a scam website but there are issues with it! Please be careful before you order your products.

The Final Verdict

Zolucky Reviews claims that the website is untrustworthy and will give you a bad shopping experience. The above-listed information highlights the same. Hence, mention your reviews about Zolucky in the comment section below if you are a victim of this website. 

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