Suepas Reviews – Is Suepas A Scam? Know The Reasons

Reviews by  Mashum Mollah 03 September 2021 Last Updated Date: 30 September 2023

Suepas Reviews

Suepas. com is an online store that offers clothes, electronic products, luggage, and much more. However, this website is completely a scam that traps people to buy products and does not deliver the same. Now, let’s get to know about suepas reviews in detail. 

To trap customers, they offer low prices and huge offers. The price of goods seems too good to be true. When we were researching, we found that Suepas is completely a fraud website. 

Suepas. com – What You Need To Know? - What You Need To Know

As already discussed above, Suepas. com is an eCommerce website that sells online goods by offering huge discounts. Many people claimed that the website is not safe at all because they ask for your social security number with the shipping address.

Social security number is not necessary at all. Imagine someone asking for the OTP number with your bank account number and IFSC code. 

On the other hand, the main reason why suepas. com is fake is that the owner of the website uses a service to hide his/her identity. It is because the owner does not want to get caught if anything wrong happens.

Why Suepas Was Fraud?

Why Suepas Was Fraud

There are several reasons with us that claimed that Suepas was completely fraud. Proceed to know in detail.

  • No contact information was displayed on the website which is a sign of a scam.
  • Huge discounts to attract innocent customers. Please be aware of those websites.
  • Not enough information on the website. They collected information from other websites to fill up their website’s “About Us” page.
  • No customer support was available on the website. Who is responsible to answer your question if something goes wrong? 
  • The website’s design was poor.
  • No customer reviews on the website.

Suepas Reviews –  Genuine Customer Feedback

According to suepas reviews, many were the victim of suepas’s fraud services. Some got products delivered to their doorsteps but it was not what customers actually ordered. 

The website’s speed was very fast which made many customers think that the website is genuine. However, people got scammed by the website and all their hard-earned money went in vain. 

Before purchasing anything from a new online store, you need to stay alert and be careful. Sites like Morclothes, Usnotion, etc., had already trapped many people and never refunded their money. Thus, sites that offer attractive discounts can be a fraud one and you must be careful of the same.

What Are The Red Flags?

When checking out a website, try to confirm certain things through which you can learn whether you are dealing with a fraud website or not!

The first issue of concern is that the company has no phone number, contact details or address on their website. I am  raising this concern because all legit stores, be it online or offline provide their address and contact details! You can only see this issue with scam websites where there is no way of contacting them.

The second red flag is that the website of Suepas is poorly designed! It is quite similar to a lot of fraud websites on the Internet. 

The theme of the website is quite confusing along with the diversity of items and the uneven price rates. I mean there has been no planning even when they were trying to dupe people!

A lot of details are clearly copy pasted from other websites which you can check out! Another severe issue that has been brought to our attention is that the financial and personal information has been stolen from a lot of people who shop at this website.

Credit cards of clients have been used by the website without getting permission or consent of the client. It is very simple even when you give your credit card information to a site, they cannot charge money from it without asking from you!

Clearly this is a fraud website!

The Final Thoughts 

Suepas reviews claimed that suepas. com is completely fake and you must not trust websites like this at all. The above-listed information will tell you several reasons why it was a fraud. Besides, if you come across any websites like this and are willing to make others aware of the same, then you can mention them in the comment section below.

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