Prettyat Reviews – Is Prettyat A Scam? Know The Reasons

Reviews by  Mashum Mollah 02 November 2021 Last Updated Date: 03 November 2021

Prettyat reviews

Are you searching for Prettyat reviews? Is Prettyat a scam or legit? Have you got your refund back from Prettyat? Let’s discuss these queries in detail. 

Many people understand the deals offered by the new online stores, and they neglect the same for purchasing items. Instead, they prefer genuine online stores with years of existence in the market. 

You may always have doubts about trusting a store that launched recently in the market. Therefore, buyers always prefer purchasing items from stores that offer 24/7 customer support, fastest delivery, flexible returns, etc.

Prettyat Online eCommerce Platform – What You Need To Know?

Prettyat Online eCommerce Platform

Prettyat is an eCommerce platform that sells necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Meanwhile, they promote various products on social media platforms in order to increase their brand visibility.

Prettyat has no authenticity to work as an online store as the information that is listed on the website seems to be completely illegal. Moreover, the data about the owner is also not present, and a fake address is presented to the customers.

Other websites similar to Prettyat are Morclothes, Usnotion, Expnm, Tocber, Salecb, Rohone, Prcedo, Larrycloth, Suepas, Zolucky, Fveco, Kmkai, etc.

Prettyat Reviews – Is Prettyat A Scam?

Is Prettyat A Scam

Is Prettyat a scam or legit? According to Prettyat reviews, the website is completely a scam website as the information about the company is completely false.

On this website, you need to submit your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, bank details, credit card information, and much more. This data is not necessary at all, yet the website is requesting you to enter the same.

This gives a clue that the website is a scam store that does not deliver your ordered products, and no customer support is provided to buyers.

Besides, the platform offers no cash on delivery option. Why is it so? What if some buyers don’t have any bank account or credit card? That means they cannot buy products from online stores.

The reviews of Prettyat thus claimed that the website is not a genuine one, and you must not trust or buy anything from the same.

Tips For Avoiding Online Shopping ScamsTips For Avoiding Online Shopping Scams

Avoiding online shopping scams is very important, especially if you are a frequent buyer. This is because it takes lots of time and effort to earn money, and you cannot afford to take any chance of losing it uselessly. Hence, to protect you from the same, we have listed top tips for you to avoid online scams.

1. Is The Site Secured?

After visiting any site, check whether the site is secured or not. You can have a look at the address bar on the upper left side of the web page.

Check whether the site is HTTP or HTTPS. Here HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol, whereas HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Transfer Secure. All sites must be HTTPS that means if you are entering your personal details, then the data will be safe and cannot be stolen by hackers.

2. Are Contact Details On The Site Real?

Before shopping online, you must check the contact details of the site. Every website must have a contact detail on its platform, and if any business does not follow these criteria, then the site is regarded as unsecured. 

At the same time, verify the information on the website and analyze if those are copied from other sites or not. Also, check if customer support is available 24/7 or not.

3. Is The Offer Too Good To Be True?

This is very important to know if the offer is too good to be true. Keep in mind that fake online stores promote high offers and discounts in order to attract more buyers. 

If the market price of one product is $500 and you get the same for $100 on different online stores, then the offer seems too good to be true.

4. Is The Site Reliable?

It is obvious that you don’t want to visit those websites that house multitudes of cybercriminals and hackers.

You can simply Google any site and know the details about the same. You must always run a background check before purchasing anything from online stores. 

The Final Thoughts

Prettyat reviews will make all your doubts clear regarding the website. Hence, you must be aware of all fake online stores that you discover every now and then. Take all the effective measures to keep yourself safe from those stores. Besides, if you have any doubts, don’t forget to ping us in the comment section below.

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