Kmkai Reviews – Is Kmkai A Scam? – Know The Reasons

Reviews by  Mashum Mollah 07 October 2021

Kmkai Reviews

Are you searching for Kmkai Reviews? Is Kmkai a scam or legit? Let’s discuss these queries in detail. 

There are many individuals who are a victim of many online stores nowadays and end up losing their hard-earned money. You need to understand that there are many scammers who operate through several sites and saving yourself from them is your responsibility. 

One such scam website is Kmkai that scams people with their fake products and does not deliver the same to the buyers. The information listed on the website also seemed to be false. Let’s know more about this fake online store.

Kmkai Online Store – All You Need To Know

Kmkai Online Store

Kmkai is an online store that sells welders, tires, tents, and much more. The images, as well as the information of those products, were copied from other websites. The store is completely a scam and no customer support will respond to your requests.

Be aware of the discounts that a new site offers to shoppers or buyers. The discounts and offers are regarded as the best ways to make innocent people their victims.

When I was researching Kmkai, I came to realized that the site is not managed properly. The homepage was loaded with products and will encourage you to buy the same, and thus, this signifies that the site is legit or not.

Kmkai Reviews – Is Kmkai A Scam?

Is Kmkai A Scam

According to Kmkai reviews, the website is a scam, and there are many websites like Kmkai, such as Morclothes, Suepas, Usnotion, Expnm, Tocber, Rohone, Larrycloth, Fveco, Zolucky, etc.

Now, let’s discuss some of the top reasons why Kmkai is not a legit online store and how you can distinguish the same. 

i). No Security

There should be strong security measures to be taken on eCommerce websites in order to secure the privacy of online buyers. However, Kmkai reviews by genuine customers claimed that no such effective measures were taken.

Scammers create such sites in order to hack your personal information, such as credit card or bank account details. Hence, you must be aware of those websites at any cost.

ii). Huge Discounts

How can a startup online store offer huge discounts and worldwide delivery? Isn’t this strange? As already discussed above that the discounts were given just to attract your attention.

It is always better to buy products from a genuine website rather than a new website that does not seems to be trustworthy at all. Thus, buy products from popular online stores that have years of existence in the market.

iii). No Transparency

Websites similar to Kmkai do not provide any transparency to buyers. This is very common among scammers to hide their identity, but the genuine site offers transparency to their buyers. 

The stores use this as their strategy to increases trust among the audiences. They provide the best information on the website to help buyers to shop online safely. 

iv). Fake Information

While researching online scam stores, we realized all the information listed on the website is fake completely. From the address of the company to the ‘about us’ page, everything is copied from other popular websites. 

Moreover, the images of the products were also taken from other platforms, and this results in the high scam score of that particular website. 

v). No Cash On Delivery Option

The Cash on Delivery option must be present on the payment page. It is because not everyone is comfortable using their bank accounts for payment, or there are many individuals who do not have any bank account. 

So, many are willing to pay cash on the delivery day to avoid scams. There was no delivery option present on the payment page of the Kmkai website. 

The Final Thoughts 

After reading Kmkai reviews, now you know the measures that should be taken while shopping online safely. Keep in mind, online frauds can never come to an end, but you can take your own steps to be aware of the same. Besides, don’t forget to mention your reviews about the fake online stores in the comment section below!

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