Vencano Reviews – Is Vencano A Scam? Know The Reasons

Reviewsby Mashum Mollah26 November 2021

vencano reviews

Are you searching for Vencano reviews? Is Vencano a legit company? Can you order safely from Vencano? Will you get quality clothes from Vencano?

Let’s discuss these queries in detail.

On one side, websites like Shein and Wish gained popularity in recent years, and on the other side, several fraud websites are popping up at a great speed. So, it’s very crucial for you to research the company from where you are going to buy online.

Checking online reviews is one of the best ways to spot a fake website and know the past experience of the customers regarding the same. 

Vencano Online Clothing Store – All You Need To Know

Vencano Online Clothing Store

Vencano is an online clothing store that sells all varieties of clothes. This is actually a legit company, but there are many complaints regarding the company on the official website and social platforms.

You will get your products in most cases, but they will be of cheap quality that is not worth it. On the other hand, many users haven’t received their product yet. They claimed that the company is completely fake and you must not order from the same.

The website says that the delivery might take seven to fifteen days, but it can be delayed, and you can expect it after a month or two.

Clothing from Vencano arrives from China, and they pay their workers very little. So, what quality of the product can you expect from this online store? 

Vencano Reviews – Is Vencano A Scam?

Is Vencano A Scam

According to Vencano reviews, the company is a scam because it sells cheap quality clothes and accessories. At the same time, packages also take time to arrive, and you will not know the exact time of arrival.

However, the company requested customers to read the descriptions, check size, don’t expect exchanges, read local reviews and set reasonable expectations.

The company has responded to many dissatisfied customers and has taken certain steps to resolve their problems as much as it can. The company is trying to improve its customer support, but still, the customers are unhappy with the service.

Vencano Pros & Cons – By Genuine Customers

Vencano Pros & Cons

Shopping from Vencano is your personal choice. Yet, there are at least 5 percent positive reviews regarding this website out of 95% negative reviews. Therefore, as in my opinion, you must always be in the safe zone by considering both positive and negative aspects of this company.

The best part about this company is that it still exists in the market and have improved their customer service unlike fake stores such as Morclothes, Usnotion, Suepas, Larrycloth, Prcedo, Salecb, Tocber, Expnm, Fveco, Kmkai, Prettyat, Waterptc, Queenslandmax, Inftnity, and, etc.

Now, to save your time and effort, we have researched the top pros and cons of Vencano by genuine customers. 


  • Active on social media platforms
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Many discounts and offers
  • All types of clothing varieties are available
  • Reasonable prices
  • Low spam score
  • The website does not seem to be catchy and attractive like scam websites.


  • Delay in delivery 
  • No contact number on the website 
  • Overall rating is 2.8 

The Final Thoughts 

Vencano claimed that the website was not a complete scam. Still, there are chances that you can receive your expected product, but I will advise you not to buy anything from this website. Experts highly recommend shopping only from genuine online stores that have years of existence in the market. Besides, let me know your doubts in the comment section below if you come across any.

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