Review Of ‘Smarter Contact’: Taking Your Brand’s SMS Marketing To New Levels

Reviewsby Mashum Mollah11 December 2021

Smarter Contact

The past few years have seen technological aids and digital platforms make a significant impact on marketing. Using technological tools and software has enabled businesses to connect and communicate with their target audiences in unique and innovative ways.

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO (digital marketing strategies) are being pursued aggressively. However, one marketing medium that continues to triumph over the others in terms of its reach, costs, engagements, and results has been the good old-fashioned text or SMS Marketing!

This does not mean that all SMS marketing platforms or tools offer the same level of functionality or features. In other words, no two tools are the same. In this regard, we take a closer look at one of the leading names in the world of SMS Marketing, Smarter Contact.

The following are some important aspects that we will look to cover about Smarter Contact in this review article-

  • A detailed overview of the product
  • Major features that make it a segment leader
  • Pricing and costs
  • The Final Verdict

Smarter Contact: How it is Revolutionizing SMS and Text Marketing?

As a business, you are always looking for the most cost-effective mediums to engage with existing and potential customers. Smarter Contact in very simple words is a software that enables SMEs, MSMEs, and larger corporations in terms of their bulk messaging requirements.

One of the major USPs of the product is that it is simple to use. It integrates all the functionalities of data, CRM features, skip tracing capabilities and even allows for exporting of potential leads from the software itself.

In many ways, Smarter Contact provides brands with a one-stop solution to all their SMS marketing needs. As it has an easy and intuitive interface, you do not need sophisticated technological know-how to use the product.

According to Adam Nasir, the founder of Smarter Contact, the product has been designed with the intention to help businesses save time in terms of closing their leads. Most businesses are struggling to optimize the time frame between first contact and closing sales.

Many people have the misconception that email marketing delivers the highest ROIs. This is false. Leading studies have shown that SMS marketing delivers an ROI of over 99%. This means that you can get even 50X ROIs through custom SMS messaging on Smarter Contact.

Leading Features of Smarter Contact: What makes it Truly Unique?

In this section, we are going to look at some of the leading features of Smarter Contact that make it a market leader in its segment-

1. High Automation and Delivery Rates-

If you are looking to run manual campaigns, you know how time-consuming the same can get. Smarter Contact seems to address this with automated campaigns. This helps you save time, energy, and effort. Ultimately what you have is a powerful product with several in-built messaging campaigns. This ensures complete follow-ups with all your potential leads.

2. Brilliant Skip Tracing Features-

You do not want to waste your efforts on numbers that are no longer in existence. Smarter Contact realizes this and has something brilliant called Skip Tracing. Through this feature, you can check out numbers and confirm their validity by an advanced geo-location tracking feature. This means you are sending messages to only clients whose numbers are active and functional.

3. Easy, Simple, and Intuitive Layout-

Many professionals working in SMEs and MSMEs fear using sophisticated software tools and technologies. With Smarter Contact, they do not have anything to fear. The platform is simple to use, effective, and very engaging in its approach. With just a few clicks, you can have all the data around campaigns that you had been looking for. This is a major USP of the product.

4. Inbuilt CRM and Integration with Other Software-

You want your software products to easily link up and integrate with others. With Smarter Contact, you can integrate your Zapier quite easily. You also have dashboards for CRM that help you engage and communicate with potential leads. Carrying out all these functions just from a single product can help in improving turnaround times for the business.

Additionally, Smarter Contact also offers the following features and functionalities-

  1. You can Import Contacts and other Data easily
  2. There is the feature of Multi-Number Usage
  3. Businesses can opt for Two-Way Messaging
  4. There are a host of pre-existing SMS Templates to choose from
  5. The Support Team is available 24×7
  6. You have custom forms and fields for greater understanding
  7. Scheduling texts as a feature has been provided
  8. Integration with Zapier is available

Pricing and Costs of Using Smarter Contact: Is it an Affordable Solution?

Right away, the first thing that strikes us is how affordable Smarter Contacts as a text messaging solution is. Depending on your budget needs and requirements, you have three major packages to choose from. Let us analyze them in greater detail-

  1. The Starter Package– This package is great for SMEs and starts from an attractive $99 per month. You can send up to 3000 messages with this package. Most of the features are available including number lookups and verification, daily backups, templates, forwarding, skip tracing, and basic responses.
  2. The Pro Package– Perfect for MSMEs that need to reach out to a larger audience. You can send a healthy 7500 messages using this package. Over and above the features of the Starter Package, you get voicemail campaigns, scheduling of campaigns, suppression of texts, and burst message features. This is priced at $199 per month.
  3. The Elite Package– This offering from Smarter Contact is perfect for businesses that are looking to blast thousands of messages every month. Given its unlimited potential, you can enjoy advanced features like a dedicated account manager, text alerts, integration with CRM software, along with multi-user usage. This is priced at $299.

The Final Verdict

There is no doubt that there is growing sensitivity around marketing budgets especially when SMEs and MSMEs are involved. Smarter Contact proves that you do not have to break the bank to generate high ROIs from your marketing spending. This is one of the best examples of a software or product that acts as an enabler.

You can run effective SMS campaigns, reach out to your existing and potential clients, utilize data, and help address their needs and concerns. You do all this without burning a hole in your pocket. With a host of advanced and practical features in the software, brands can use Smarter Contact to optimize their marketing.

If you have any more questions regarding the product, its usage, or want us to share a clarification of any of the features, please write to us in the comments section below.

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