What is SMS Blast Marketing & How to use Text blasts for Effective Promotion

Marketingby Mashum Mollah23 March 2021

SMS Blast Marketing

What Are Text Blasts?

Text mailings are used to send notifications to a large number of users. This is an excellent marketing strategy that allows you to convey important information about your company’s activities to your target audience.

Such notifications are needed in order to notify your customers about the start of sales, an expansion of the range, or a change in your organization’s work schedule. Online retailers use SMS blasts to send abandoned cart notifications, additional discounts, and other important news. This is not only a marketing method but also a way to quickly communicate with each user.

To make sure that your customer numbers are active, just use phone number validation. When your database is formed, you can divide your list into several categories. The classification is made by age, sex, the field of activity, and other parameters. Thus, your messages will be sent to each category of customers using special tools from BSG.

How To Send SMS Blasts Step By Step?

How To Send SMS Blasts Step By Step

Mass mailing is not difficult. This is what you need to do:

  1. Select a service for sending your text message. In order not to send hundreds or thousands of messages by hand, it is enough to use special tools. A variety of features allow you to choose those that fully suit your chosen marketing strategy. It will be much easier to manage your newsletter, and each user will receive their notification.
  2. Form a customer base. You may have several dozen phone numbers of users who have agreed to receive notifications. To increase your customer base, it is enough to invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. To do this, just send a short message, consisting of several characters, to your number. You shouldn’t send notifications to clients who have not given their consent to this.
  3. Send a message. It can include the basic information that will be useful to your potential customers. Don’t forget that the length of SMS is limited, so the simplest and most understandable message will allow you to provide valuable information in a matter of seconds.

You can send your messages at the moment or according to the schedule. Correct configuration of tools will allow you to implement your SMS marketing strategy effectively and increase conversion on your site.

Tips To Leverage The Power of SMS Blast Marketing:

Various kinds of companies use SMS marketing. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales and traffic of your website. The advantage of bulk text service is the ability to notify a large number of potential customers about the most interesting offers at the same time.

You are able to use not only external but internal communication. When you have a lot of emails, coworkers may not be able to respond to an important task immediately. To keep employees informed of your current affairs, it is enough to include them on your mass mailing list. The notification displayed on a phone will be viewed in a matter of minutes. Thanks to this, your colleagues will be able to carry out important assignments in the shortest possible time.

To notify your target audience about the start of a mass event, SMS mailing is the best. It indicates the place and time of the event. If we are talking about an online conference, it is enough to provide a link to the site and the exact time.

The chosen methods will improve your communication with customers and increase loyalty to your brand. Timely notification of important events allows your target audience to feel your concern for each client.

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