5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketingby Mashum Mollah10 February 2021

Digital Marketing Trends

For many people, 2020 seemed like a chaotic blur. Now, as 2021 is well underway, people are turning their focus to what 2021 has to offer. For website owners, that means making sure they are on point and on-trend with digital marketing strategies. Now more than ever, people are turning to the internet for advice, products, services, work, school, and so much more. For business owners, having a well-designed website is a must.

Want to know more about the digital marketing trends forecast for 2021? Here are some key trends you should definitely know about from EraBright – a leading Black-owned digital marketing agency serving clients across the U.S.

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021-

If you are looking for ways to beef up your digital marketing strategy, take a look at these 5 digital marketing trends that are sure to continue throughout 2021.

1.Live Streams:

The COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person events across many parts of the world. As a result, millions of people turned to live streams as a means of entertainment, attending events and attending classes. During the more strict lockdown periods of 2020, Facebook live viewings increased by 50%. TikTok and other platforms saw similar spikes in viewers.

While lockdowns are not as strict as they were in many parts of the U.S., analysts seem to think that the live stream craze is not going anywhere anytime soon. That means that businesses who aren’t on board with live streaming should consider adding it to their digital marketing efforts.

2.A More Purpose-Driven Focus:

One thing that has become clear as analysts observe consumer behavior is that consumers value transparency in brands. They do business with brands that seem sincere and trustworthy. Consumers are increasingly looking a bit deeper and are looking at the purpose of the brands they love. Especially as the pandemic continues, consumers are looking at what companies are doing to give back to the community.


Not only are consumers looking for brands they can trust, but they are also looking for brands that are good for the environment. As noted by a branding and web design agency in Charlotte, Around 80% of consumers believe that companies should play a part in helping improve the environment. That gives businesses an opportunity to up their sustainability in the materials they use, the systems they use, how they manage labor, and the packaging they use to ship items.

4.Inclusivity is Key:

Inclusivity is Key

Black Lives Matter was one of the key movements of 2020 that will be remembered for generations. Now more than ever, the culture in the U.S. is shifting toward inclusivity of all races, genders, and identities. Research shows that around 40% of consumers will go elsewhere if the retailer doesn’t reflect inclusivity and diversity. Almost 30% of consumers will completely switch brands if they feel their usual retailer doesn’t embody diversity. This is a trend that will definitely continue throughout 2021 and beyond.

5.Voice and Visual Searches:

Voice and Visual Searches

Voice and visual searches are other trends that seem to be staying put. In fact, even search engines like Google are placing more value on these types of searches. People are increasingly using voice-activated gadgets like Alexa, which means that websites need to be able to recognize what consumers are asking. Technology like Google Lens is also allowing consumers to search for what they want based on images. For website owners, that means making sure your images have proper alt tags. Alt tags let search engines know that if someone says “what color is a blood orange?” Your image of blood orange on your “Grow Your Own Blood Oranges” web page should appear in the search results.

Are You Ready for These Trends?

As the U.S. continues to battle the pandemic, businesses of all types are having to reassess their digital marketing strategies and goals. Are you ready for these 5 trends to continue? Now maybe the best time to update your website and SEO goals for the new year.

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