Amazon Reviews – Is Stockretail A Scam?

Reviewsby Mashum Mollah18 November 2021 Amazon Amazon is a scam? Have you recently received a call from a person named ‘Sarah’? Are you looking for a work-from-home opportunity?

There are many people applying for job vacancies online on a daily basis. They are attaching their resume to inform the employer about their career objectives and communicate in a concise manner the benefits they will bring to the job if hired.

Actually, resumes detail the skills, training, work experience, and education of the job seekers. However, be careful while applying for a job with a resume because some scammers can record your CV for their own benefit. Let’s know about the same in detail. – All You Need To Know - All You Need To Know is a scam website that grabs the resumes of job seekers and calls them to apply or register on their website. They will describe themselves as Amazon managers and will hire you to work for Amazon.

They will ask you to visit their visit for detailed information. According to our research, the website is more than three years old and earns less than one dollar on average.

Besides, this is actually an employment scam that you must be aware of at any cost. These scams are very common in the United States as well as other countries. Amazon Reviews Amazon Reviews

Now, I am going to describe my experience with them. They sent me a voicemail, and one of them described her as ‘Sarah,’ and the voicemail was as follows: 

“Hello, this is Sarah calling with stack(?) A nonprofit recruitment firm. I saw your resume online and I’m calling about an online opportunity working with Amazon listing products and posting reviews. I really pay ranges from $17-$32 an hour. We’re hiring 23 people this month. So please register [email protected] That’s docs(?)”

When I researched about the same on Google, I came to know that the website is completely fraudulent. There were many people who became victims of this scam website.

Never tell your personal to anyone unless you are sure that they are calling you from a genuine platform. 

Highest Paying Jobs At Amazon

Highest Paying Jobs At Amazon

Amazon is one of the most successful eCommerce businesses at present. This company is home to some high-paying careers as it is one of the most valuable public companies in the world. Now, let’s discuss the top high-paying jobs at Amazon that will attract your attention for a while.

1. Senior Manager

A Senior Manager is the leader of multiple teams within the company. As a manager, you are responsible for all aspects of the operations, including promises made to the customers, exceeding the expectations, process, people management, and development, etc.

2. Senior Software Development Engineer

Senior Software Development Engineer leads several software development teams within the organization. The minimum requirement for this job is a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering, or any related field. You must also have knowledge of professional software engineering practices. 

3. Senior Technical Program Manager

Senior Technical Program Manager is one of the best-paying jobs in Amazon. You need a minimum of 5 years of experience in technical program management and engineering and must be an expert in designing highly scalable distributed systems.

4. Business Analyst

Business Analysts keep an eye on the company and industry to assist the business decisions. You need at least four years of experience as a business analyst, statistical analysis role, and data analyst to get this position. Usually, a Master’s degree is preferred over Bachelor’s degree and experience in Excel and SQL.

5. Brand Specialist 

A Brand Specialist works in the marketing team and focuses on company image and customer interaction. As a brand specialist, you need to promote particular brands and products and make sure to reach new customers and boost sales performance effectively.

The Final Verdict

You must be aware of the amazon scam that is increasing day by day. We have researched in detail about the same and listed the above information here. So, if you come across any issues, mention them below in the comment section.

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