What Is The 25th Island Of Greece? (October 2021) – Complete Details

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25th Island Of Greece

What is the 25th island of Greece? The beautiful Greek island of Amorgos is trending on all social media platforms at present. However, it is not due to its natural beauty and hidden beaches. Then why is it trending? Let’s know about the popularity of the 25th island of Greece in detail.

The users are searching about this keyword quite extensively. This meme has gained popularity due to its alliances with online games, and some people are very eager to know how it is related to this popular game.

What is the 25th Island of Greece? – All You Need To Know

25th Island

The name of the 25th island of Greece is Amorgos. This is the Cyclades island group’s easternmost island and closest to the Dodecanese island group in Greece.

Amorgos became one of the first places from which the Ionians passed through the Cycladic islands and onto the Greek mainland. In the past, this island was also known as Karkisia, Psychia, Pagali, Pratagy, and Yperia. 

This island was compared by the size and quality of the walls surrounding Arkesini. It is actually popular for its picturesque environment and beaches, as already discussed above.

Besides, there is no tourist office on the island of Amorgos, and detailed information regarding this can be achieved from travel agencies at the port. The population of this place is around two thousand inhabitants, and it has two ports: Katapola and Cyclades.

Why is Amorgos Trending Online? – Top Reasons

If you have already Googled it to know behind the popularity of Amorgos, then you would know why it is trending online. Well, if you still don’t know why it is trending online, then we will tell you the top reasons behind its popularity. 

  • Amorgos is trending due to its close connection with the online game ‘Among Us’ 
  • A Roman emperor recently became popular due to its similarities with the game’s terms.
  • There were also other similar memes like the name of the twenty-fifth island of Greece that became popular in the past. 
  • Users are uploading their videos based on this game 
  • The people are continuously searching on Google about the name of this island. 
  • Users are sharing this meme on social media platforms in large numbers

‘Among Us’ Game Reviews – What You Need To Know

‘Among Us’ Game Reviews

Among Us is the 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game discovered by American game studio Innerscloth. 

This game takes place in a spaced-themed setting where gamers look like bright armless cartoon explorers. This is actually a game of teamwork and betrayal. Moreover, this game is very appealing to kids because it has a cartoony art style.

You can also call Among Us a murder mystery game that means there is a murderer on board that attempts to kill the whole crew. You may also need to buy some in-game cosmetics, which can cost around three dollars.

The game is very simple and easy to play. Kids with 10+ years can play this game on mobile phones or pc. At least ten people can play this game at once, and you can randomly assign the role of crewmate and imposter.

The crew win by completing all their tasks or voting out of all impostors. These individuals win by killing the crew. Meanwhile, the game can also be ended by players quitting the match.

According to Among Us reviews, the game received many positive responses from critics. The only disadvantage of this game is the technical issues.

The Meme On 25th Island Of Greece!

Everyone follows social media nowadays! So you cannot miss the 25th island of Greece meme! I mean ofcourse you have heard or seen about it atleast? Read to know what is so unique about the meme.

The trend started on Twitter and then spread across all social media platforms! The reason the meme became so popular is because the name Amorgos sounds very similar to AmongUs! It is quite funny and people who do not know the name exactly misinterpret it!

Especially people with different mindset are taking it in a different sense! A funny and hilarious interpretation of the meme shows the significance of the name. How is it treated differently than other 6000 islands of Greece?

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The Final Thoughts 

The 25th Island of Greece is trending due to its similarity with the popular game ‘Among Us.’ This meme is particularly trending on Twitter and Tik Tok, and it has lakhs of search volumes because people are willing to know more about its popularity. Besides, let me know your views in the comment section below about this meme as well as the game.

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