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A modern way of life has brought us many benefits, but it made us forget about our health, due to the constant rush and frequent exposure to stress. Although today’s human lifespan is longer than a couple of decades ago, the worrying fact is we are more prone to diseases.

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What can console us is the fact that many diseases can be cured if discovered in the early stages. Unfortunately, some of them have common symptoms that have become parts of our everyday life, so we usually don’t care about them.

When Everything Tingles You…

Fibromyalgia is a disease that attacks large areas of the body, and the patients describe the feeling as an unpleasant tingling that turns into an unbearable pain in the muscles. This discomfort is followed by exhaustion, stiffness, sleep difficulties, and inability to move. Living with fibromyalgia can be challenging, but the question is how common is fibromyalgia and what certain factors make it appear in someone.

If a person completely neglects these symptoms, this condition can lead to the occurrence of specific mental disorders. Sometimes patients can feel so powerless, thinking they’ll go crazy because they can’t stand the pain. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety can happen if doctors don’t set the proper diagnosis. In this source, find some guidelines on how to cope with depression.

Fibromyalgia should be treated individually, as the symptoms are specific too. It is usually necessary to combine healing methods of conventional and alternative medicine, to provide long-term and persistent therapy, but fortunately, with a positive final result. This disease is not progressive; if you don’t completely heal it, the symptoms can be kept under control, and the patient can lead quality and fulfilled life.

Treat Cause, Not Symptoms:

As with any other illness, the treatment of the fibromyalgia symptoms will give only short-term results. Without seeing a doctor, it’s a high chance that you won’t find the cause ever. If you are aware that this condition is not just exhaustion, you should visit a neuropsychiatrist or physiotherapist, who will do all required examinations. The right diagnosis is a halfway to the healing.

Painful spots are most often located along the spine so the engagement of the chiropractor in the finding of the cause will be a good choice. Movement and activity of the bone-skeletal system is the first and foremost prevention of this disease.

And as the pain in the spine is one of the fibromyalgia symptoms, the patient enters the vicious circle – the pain is getting stronger when there are no movements, while, at the same time, it disables those movements.

How can chiropractic adjustments help? A chiropractor in Rockville, specialized for this condition, says it’s possible by improving your posture and fixing dislocated vertebras. If these aren’t on their spots, even for a millimeter, every movement can be painful. When the spine is in the correct position, you have greater mobility, and you can be more physically active.

Avoid Medications, Look for Natural Healing Methods:

Natural Healing Methods

Fibromyalgia patients should be active, and spend much time in fresh air. Sufficient oxygen intake affects better blood circulation in the body. Thus, our muscles reach over the required oxygen, which will prevent their convulsion and shortening of muscle fibers. Except for being less tired, staying in nature will also lead to a better mood.

Sleep disturbance is one more inconvenience of fibromyalgia, and it causes additional troubles. Enough sleep can help alleviate pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia, but it’s easier said than done. You can rely on a “home-made anesthetic,” such as a cup of warm milk with honey before bedtime, or a cherry juice. Also, a warm, relaxing bath, gentle massage, deep breathing, and meditation are useful for helping sweet dreams.

Most fibromyalgia symptoms happen due to oxidative stress. You can read more about this condition here. Proper intake of antioxidants, especially those from fresh fruit and vegetables, will destroy free radicals in the organism, which attack our cells and damage them.

Then, the increased intake of omega-3 acids (olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, flax seed, etc.) is recommended on a daily basis. These healthy fats improve the functioning of the nervous system and reduce inflammatory processes, and are often used in the form of supplements.

Your habits and way of life play a key role in how much fibromyalgia can affect your everyday functioning. Those who are willing to make some (positive) lifestyle changes can stay more active and have a much higher quality of life than those who won’t change anything.

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