Top Reason Why Sleep Is Important

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Sleep can be described as a condition of the mind and body when the nervous system becomes inactive, the postural muscles relax, eyes closed and consciousness is suspended for several hours each night. Getting a good night’s sleep has been observed to help people function normally and even improve their productivity the following day. However, many people tend to skip on the required hours of sleep to indulge in other activities.

This takes away their body’s chance to rest and recuperate in preparation for the next day. Investing in the best mattress for body pain can help you get better sleep at night.

Here are a few reasons why 8 hours of sleep every day is the best gift you can give yourself:

Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

The current generation is under a higher risk of cardiac complication due to a high-pressure, lifestyle, bad eating habits and lack of physical exercise. If you want to reduce your risk of developing a heart complication, you need to get your beauty sleep every night. Sleep deprivation causes an increase in cortisol (stress hormones) which causes your heart rate to go higher. The higher your heart rate goes, the harder you are making it work, causing it to tire out faster.  An Orthopedic Mattress Online India can help you relax and fall asleep faster, keeping your heart healthy in the long run.

Improves Brain Functioning

Interestingly, getting enough sleep at night helps improve your procedural memory, creative

thinking long-term memories as well as memory processing. This is why students are often advised to get a good night’s sleep before an important exam.

Keeps Those Pesky Extra Pounds Away:

Although getting enough sleep won’t help you lose weight, it will definitely prevent you from

putting on any extra pounds. Sleep deprivation results in an increase in ghrelin which is responsible for boosting your appetite. This causes you to eat more as you try to avoid sleeping. Unfortunately many people tend to indulge in sugar loaded food and as a result, causes their diet plans to run havoc.

Improves Your Immunity:

If you have been falling sick recently, it might be time to check whether you are getting enough

sleep at night. Getting the requisite sleep every day enables your body to be strong enough to fight against infections. It has also been observed to help vaccines function more effectively as well.

Many people invest in a memory foam mattress to be able to get at least eight hours of

uninterrupted and comfortable sleep at night.

Keeps Your Sex Life Exciting:

Getting enough sleep at night helps your body produce plenty of testosterone which improves your sex drive. In fact, recent studies have shown that people who get less than 5 hours of sleep a day tend to have low sex drives.

Keeps You Safe From Crashing Your Car:

Lack of sleep causes the human brain to be less alert and not be able to focus properly while

driving. In fact, studies have shown that driving a car when you haven’t slept enough is equivalent to driving drunk. So make sure you get your daily quota of sleep and stay safe on the roads. If you aren’t able to sleep at night due to joint pains, the best mattress for pain relief will help you out.

Improves Your Mood:

Getting the requisite hours of sleep has been observed to help people remain in a good mood

throughout the day. Interestingly, a lack of sleep also tends to bring out a bad mood as well as other physical symptoms like headaches and fatigue which worsens their mood further.

At the end of the day, a mattress from Wakefit will help you sleep like a baby and enjoy all of them

benefits mentioned above.

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