10 Tips For Men To Reduce Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

Health & Fitnessby Mashum Mollah15 June 2021

Erectile Dysfunction

Worrying about your sexual health is normal. Unfulfilled sex life can be a source of discomfort and frustration. When it comes to men, it is not uncommon for them to worry about their genitalia.

Whether it is their length, girth, or how long they last, they have concerns about their sexual organs and performance. Yet, a concept many men struggle to grasp fully is erectile dysfunction (ED).

There is way too much misinformation about ED available online. Most men think they’re safe till they’re older or before they start having problems with their erection.

However, when it comes to the human body, everything is interconnected from the start. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. If you don’t take care of yourself, it reflects on your health. Troubles with erection are not necessarily due to age. So, if you want to have good sexual health and not worry about your erection, here’s what you need to know:

1. Maintain a good diet:

1. Maintain a good diet:

Your diet should consist of more fresh fruits and vegetables than processed foods. Processed and deep-fried food clog arteries with fat, and an erection is all about the blood flow reaching your penis. Suppose you’re not mindful about what you consume.

In that case, your arteries will continue to clog, and your blood flow will continue to get restricted. As a result, you will end up with ED. So switch unhealthy foods in your diet with fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. These factors may help you retain an erection.

2. Seek possible treatment:

2. Seek possible treatment:

Sometimes the cause of your ED is not a lifestyle problem. For example, a doctor can urge you to buy sildenafil tablets if you have trouble sustaining an erection despite a healthy lifestyle.

This can happen because of several reasons, one of which is medicines. If you’re already using medication to control your blood pressure or your blood sugar, an unpleasant side effect is ED. In such cases, only a doctor can recommend pills that you can safely use with other medicines. If you can’t take oral medication, a doctor may give you injectables.

So before you start getting agitated that you still have ED despite having a good lifestyle, go to a doctor. Tracking down the source of your problem is extremely important, or you may fall victim to remedies and treatments that do nothing for your condition.

3. Maintain a healthy weight:

2. Seek possible treatment:

Your weight depends on several factors, including your height, what you eat, and your profession. If you choose to neglect your weight and steadily become obese, that will take a toll on your health. This also affects your sexual health and ability to get an erection. So it is helpful if you take steps to watch your weight. You can choose to eat healthy- as we said earlier, and join a gym.

4. Go easy on the alcohol:

Drinking alcohol can lead to long-term problems and not merely immediate short-term ones. However, why subject yourself to long-term problems at all?

Too much alcohol can impair judgment and make it difficult for you to make decisions. Prolonged usage of alcohol can also damage the liver leading to cirrhosis or nerve damage. Once this occurs, it imbalances your hormones, causing a sharp decline in testosterone levels, leading to ED. As a result, not only will your genitalia remain flaccid, but your libido will also be at an all-time low.

5. Stay away from rough sex:

Some sex positions require you to twist and contort in angles that may hurt you. Some cases of penis injuries may lead to ED. You may even fracture your penis if you’re not careful.

When the tissue in the penis sustains an injury, it is difficult to recover from it completely. So the next time you plan on having sex, either research new techniques to do them safely or stay away from positions that make you uncomfortable. No amount of sex is worth hurting yourself seriously and frequenting the ER.

6. Kegels don’t help:

Kegel exercises are exercises of the pelvis. It involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvis. Kegels may help you from climaxing early, but they don’t prevent ED from happening. So, if you have ED, don’t assume pelvic exercises can help you. It would help if you made both lifestyle changes as well as see a doctor.

7. Monitor testosterone levels:

Suppose you begin feeling symptoms like low libido, lack of stamina, moodiness, and extreme irritability. In that case, you may be experiencing a decline in testosterone levels. Unfortunately, it also prevents you from having an erection, and all these are signs that you need a doctor.

Typically after the age of 50, most men experience a decline in their levels of testosterone. However, this can also happen while you’re young. So, if you experience any of these symptoms, a doctor can administer hormone shots or give you supplements. If you take your shots and supplements promptly, you will have no trouble sustaining an erection.

8.  Avoid anabolic steroids:

These are known as performance enhancement drugs. Athletes and bodybuilders commonly abuse them to enhance results in the gym and on the field.

If you’re into gymming and want to tone your body, stick to protein shakes and the right exercises. Doping your blood has intense side effects, such as shrinking your testicles and reducing your ability to make testosterone. Even though you may feel tempted to try these steroids to see quicker progress, it’s not worth subjecting your body to such harsh treatment in the long term.

9. Stop smoking:

9. Stop smoking:

Smoking also affects your erection. That is because smoking affects your blood vessels and their ability to transport oxygen. The nicotine present in cigarettes constricts blood flow.

When blood vessels are narrow, it hampers the flow of blood. This blood, as a result, can’t flow consistently towards the penis. A proper erection requires a specific blood volume, which is only achievable if the penis has a steady blood flow through unconstricted arteries. So if you’re a heavy smoker, consider weaning off the habit gradually. You will notice not only that your health improves, but so does your sexual health.

10. See a counselor:

If you’re under tremendous stress, you may get ED. In such cases, you should seek a counselor who can help you cope and provide solutions for your psychological woes. If you have performance issues, you may even see a sex therapist who will guide you on overcoming your problems to sustain an erection. Sometimes the causes of ED have more to do with your mental health than physical health.

Wrap up:

Although it may be natural for you not to have an erection every time, prolonged failure to have an erection is a matter of concern. Start by modifying your diet and managing your weight and health. If you’re a drinker or a smoker, immediately curb the habit.

See a doctor to track down the source of your ED and immediately seek treatment. In case you are considering performance enhancement drugs, get rid of those thoughts immediately. Don’t have rough sex that may result in injuries. Finally, your mental health matters as much as your physical health. If you’re under stress, look for help.

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