Hormonal Imbalance in Men: 8 Signs You Have It

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hormonal imbalance in men

There is a pervasive and somewhat sexist assumption that only women have hormonal issues. This is a damaging belief not just for women, but for men who suffer from hormonal issues as well.

Of course, hormonal issues in men manifest themselves differently. Hormonal imbalance in men is usually the result of low testosterone.

Recent research has suggested that around 1 in 4 men over 30 suffer from low testosterone and may not even know it. Now, only about 1 in 20 men actually suffer clinical symptoms as a result of this, but that is still a considerable portion of men.

Testosterone is supposed to gradually decline with age, but if it’s lower than it should be, you need to know.

8 Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance In Men:

Having just one of the following symptoms is not necessarily indicative of a hormonal imbalance. However, if you experience several of the following symptoms, there’s a chance you may have low testosterone, in which case you should see this doctor.

Here is what to look out for.

1. Low Libido:

Because testosterone levels decline with age, it is reasonable to expect a similar drop in your sex drive. However, if you feel like your sex drive has recently fallen off a cliff, it may be the result of a hormonal imbalance.

Testosterone works with your follicle-stimulating hormone and your luteinizing hormone to stimulate your sex drive, so if it’s low, it could throw your whole libido out of whack.

2. Erectile Dysfunction:

This is one of the more traumatic symptoms of a hormonal balance in men. If your libido is fine, but you can’t seem to perform when the time comes, you may have a hormonal imbalance.

Here, low testosterone is not always the culprit. Abnormally high levels of thyroid hormones and prolactin (the hormone that produces breast milk) can also contribute to your erectile issues.

3. Fatigue:

If you find yourself exhausted after a full night of sleep or struggle to motivate yourself to do physical activities, you may suffer from low T.

Prolonged stress from work or family life can also affect your sleep, but you should keep an eye out for your energy levels. If it’s a persistent issue and you feel fine psychologically, you may suffer from a hormonal imbalance.

4. Depression And Other Mood Changes:

Testosterone is not only important to the physical aspects of your health but the mental ones as well. Research has shown that low testosterone can make men feel more irritable, depressed, and unfocused.

There is a chance that an under-active thyroid gland may be the culprit here, but it’s a hormonal balance all the same.

5. Hair Loss:

Of course, some hair loss is expected as men age. In fact, 20% of men are expected to begin losing hair as early as 20 years old! When naturally occurring, hair loss comes with a growing sensitivity to a chemical known as dihydrotestosterone.

But if you start losing hair quickly and it comes on seemingly out of nowhere, there’s a chance that it may be because of low testosterone.

6. Breast Enlargement:

Typically, while women produce more estrogen than testosterone, male hormones tip the scales in the other direction. This difference in hormones is what gives women their feminine features and men their masculine features.

For example, estrogen gives women their breasts, and testosterone gives men their flat, muscular pectorals.

But if a man has low testosterone, the estrogen in his system could overpower the testosterone and lead to breast enlargement. This comes with a more general weight gain, but if you start holding your weight in your breasts and hips, you may have a hormonal imbalance.

7. Low Semen Volume:

A hormonal imbalance in men can really wreak havoc on their sex organs in a variety of ways. On top of a reduction in sex drive and erectile dysfunction, low testosterone may lead to a low semen volume.

Note, that this does not mean you will have less actual sperm. Semen specifically refers to the white, milky lubricant that surrounds the sperm and aids in their mobility in the vagina.

So if you think you may suffer from low T, monitor your ejaculate. There could be less of it.

8. Decreased Bone Mass:

Osteoporosis is generally thought to be a woman’s disease, but decreased bone mass can affect anyone. A hormonal imbalance in men can lead to bone loss in particular.

Older men with low testosterone are especially susceptible to this as their bones may already be weak with age. Men and women with osteoporosis are vulnerable to painful bone fractures, so if you believe that you may have osteoporosis, consult a doctor immediately.

Other Hormonal Issues To Look Out For:

This list mainly focused on the impacts of low testosterone in men, but that’s not the only way a hormonal imbalance in men can occur.

Men may also suffer from high-estrogen, and not just in relation to low testosterone. High estrogen levels generally occur as a result of aging and weight gain.

To maintain the appropriate levels of estrogen to testosterone for men, you need to keep your weight in check. Having a high-fat mass relative to muscle mass on your body is one of the biggest factors that contribute to high estrogen levels. If you’re putting on weight, it may be time to consider getting fit.

The symptoms of high-estrogen are similar to the symptoms of low-T, but with the addition of urinary tract infections, prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes, and infertility (specialist treatment and advice available from the best fertility clinic).

What To Do About Your Hormonal Imbalance:

If you suffer from these symptoms and think it may be because of low-T or high-estrogen, you should consult your doctor immediately. Only a certified medical professional can properly diagnose you.

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