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Is a scam website? Are you searching for genuine customer reviews of Do you want your refund back from a fake online business? If you are searching for these queries, you are reading the correct blog!

The eCommerce industry is changing continuously, and more merchants are improving their business to meet customer demands. As a result, these businesses are fulfilling the needs of the customers while, on the other hand, some scammers are taking advantage of these online shopping trends. 

Every day, we come across a wide range of scam websites while solving the queries of our customers. These websites are leaving a bad shopping experience for the buyers, and many new genuine online stores are affected due to this. Scam – Genuine Customer Reviews Scam - Genuine Customer Reviews

According to reviews, the website won an award for best business, yet the contact number was missing on the website. At the same time, the identification of the owner was also hidden.

These small yet important things determine that the website is a scam. The website used to offer lotteries and prizes to their visitors. They gave a chance to participate, but they didn’t deliver the same to them after the contests. 

On the other hand, the website seems to be very old as the domain age is more than seven years. used to send lots of fraud emails and to encourage you to reveal your personal information to them.

How To Check If A Company Is Legitimate?

If you are worried about the authenticity of a company, it is always wise to check whether the company is legitimate or not. However, to reduce your time and effort, we have listed the top ways to check the same.

i). Run A Company Credit Check

It is truly worth running a company’s credit check if you are not sure about the business’s success in the long run. Creditsafe is among the most common of all systems, and this can show you:

  • Company’s Verification: The company’s address, shareholder information, company number, registration number of the company. 
  • Director’s Details: The credit will enable you to know the director and shareholder details. You will also be able to view the individual director reports that will display your previous and current appointments (appointment and resignation dates). 
  • A Company Credit Score: You can also check the company’s credit score on the credit report. This way, you will have a basic understanding of how well the firm is performing on top of verifying the business. 
  • Group Structure: Another benefit of a credit score is that you will be able to view the group structure on the report itself.  

ii). Check Official Sources

Checking official sources will help you know if the business exists on an official company register, such as Companies House.

  • Companies House: If you are dealing with a few companies, you will require an abundant amount of data from Companies House. 
  • The Financial Services Register: If a company offers associated products or financial services, you should be able to get them on this site.

iii). Check The Company’s Website

Checking the company’s website will give you detailed information about the establishment and its objectives. 

  • Check spelling and grammar: If you notice poor English on the company’s website, then you must be careful of the same. Furthermore, this should appear as a red flag, and you must not consider any products or services from such websites.
  • Check the WHOIS database: WHOIS database enables you to check the domain name registrant information and also provides you with useful information. 
  • Check for a company’s number: Every company should have a registered contact number on the website. This can also sit within the company’s privacy policy.
  • Check for a privacy policy: Always check the privacy policy and the company’s history on the site. This enables you to do an official company credit search via a trusted credit reporting agency. 
  • Check the business’s address: Every website must contain the business’s address as well as a landline number. Check the address on the Google Map and try to call the company before trusting them. 

The Final Verdict

Now you know about the scam and also the reasons why you should not trust websites similar to this. The above-listed information will help you to check whether the company is legal or not and how you can spot the same with easy steps. Meanwhile, let me know your doubts in the comment section below if you have any.

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