5 Ways How E-Commerce Has Changed the Way We Buy and Sell Products

Marketingby Mashum Mollah17 April 2019


When people talk about marketing, they think of advertising new products. E-commerce marketing has however taken over most of the market, not only in India but in most parts of the world. There are a lot of pros and benefits of e-commerce marketing which the traditional method of marketing lacks out on. As a result of which e-commerce marketing is slowly taking over the entire competition, giving a glimpse of a monopolistic form of market structure. E-commerce marketing has several benefits and can be more productive with the enhanced implementation of the concept.

There are millions of customers influenced by e-commerce marketing in today’s world. Most of us have dived into the e-commerce marketing realm without any guidance and experience in this field. Naturally, people made our share of mistakes and had learned from them. Beginners should know several things about e-commerce marketing. The first thing is to know is that ecommerce kya hai as in what is ecommerce. There are varied different types of e-commerce marketing presence in the realm today. Each of these types has specific and different target customers and a way of influencing the customers. These forms of e-commerce marketing are adopted by companies to promote their products to customers with different interests or cultures.

E-Commerce Marketing Of Online Products with the Upper Hand:

E-commerce marketing precisely has several benefits that are exclusive only to it. Below are the various benefits of which e-commerce marketing is taking over the competition.

1. Door-To-Door Delivery:

In the case of e-commerce marketing, one doesn’t need to go to the market physically. The products are browsed through the internet and ordered if desired. Within a certain period that is mentioned, the product is delivered to the specified address. It is a hassle-free form of marketing, and people often enjoy it.

2. Product Details:

Unlike our traditional form of marketing, internet market provides us with all the necessary information upon which people decide whether or not to purchase the product. Often when people go for traditional marketing, people don’t know if the product is even available; on the internet market, they get to know about the availability of the products in one click. This is considered to be one of the major benefits of e-commerce marketing.

3. Benefits and Offers:

On the internet market when there is a discount or offer on any product, people can avail it regardless of where it is delivered. In the traditional market, however, if a particular company is giving a certain offer in one branch, the offer may not be there in its other branch.

4. Delivery Timings:

People can decide ourselves as to when they want the product to be delivered and to what address. Usually, there is also a gift option by which they can surprise our loved ones. On the date of delivery, messages are sent to the billing phone number about the delivery. If on such a day one is busy then they also have the option of rescheduling the delivery date and time.

5. Payment Methods:

There is a major advantage in the varied methods of payment. A person can opt for the type of payment which usually includes cash, credit card, debit card as well as bank transfer facilities.

Different Forms of E-Commerce Marketing:

There are a variety of different types of e-commerce marketing present online today. Some of the major ones are listed below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Here a specific keyword which is searched on the internet will direct the customer to the product to be marketed on the internet. For this, the keywords are a critical factor as they are the only link between the user and product marketing.

Display Marketing:

Often there are visual display advertisements on the internet, and they promote a certain product. These are usually similar to print media ads and are present in an artistic form and eye-catching headlines.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

Often some companies register social media accounts for the company purposes, and there are media executives for such advertisements. These are social media posts that promote and advertise a certain product and are visible to a lot of users of social media.

E-mail Marketing:

E-mail Marketing

People often receive promotional emails from various companies, and they help in advertising their products to related customers. These days there is usually a separate folder in our mailbox dedicated only to promotional e-mails. It is believed that the target group is the most crucial factor in this type of e-commerce marketing.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing

This is the form of e-commerce marketing where people are redirected to a certain video that promotes a product, service or business. This is a smart strategy that is used exclusively in this form of marketing is that it links with games and for earning coins or stars in the game a user has to watch the videos. Through this even though, unwillingly, the user is made aware of the product advertised.

These are the major types in the classification of e-commerce marketing. A company willing to market a product on the internet should avail all possible sources available to them. There are other types of e-commerce marketing too, but these are the major types. With these few forms mentioned above of e-commerce marketing, anyone can be equipped to have a good variety of advertising for their products. People can see how through these steps the e-commerce marketing is dominating the competition.

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