Cleaning Up For Christmas: Car Vacuum Edition

Automotiveby Sumona19 December 2022

Car Vacuum

Whether it’s pine needles from a Christmas tree, loose scraps of glitter and ribbon from presents, or even just the regular detritus from a Christmas road trip with kids in the car, the festive season can be hard on your interior.

Cleaning out your car doesn’t need to be a difficult task, though – not if you give it a good vacuum with one of our top car vacuums.

Vacuuming your car is also a necessity if you’re planning to upgrade your motor in the new year. A clean car is more valuable come a resale time – you’ll never attract the top end of a price guarantee from, say, a Parkers car valuation if your car is filthy inside and out.

Even if you’re not selling, keeping your interior free of debris and well vacuumed doesn’t just make it a nicer place to sit – it’s also healthier, and prolongs the life of your carpets and upholstery.

Here are our favorite vacuums for the car – many of which can be put to work around the house just as effectively…

Top 4 Different Types Of Car Vacuums

1. Karcher WD 2 Plus

This is a tough vacuum that’s just as much at home in the workshop as it is inside the car. It’s a shop vac, so not only is it capable of sucking up dust and fluff but you can remove the bag to allow you to suck up hard or sharp objects like broken glass, or convert it to a wet vac for spills or extract from upholstery after shampooing.

Given its price of less than £100, this kind of versatility is really impressive, though you’ll pay for it with the ongoing cost of bags, not to mention the loss of versatility you get from the cord – a parking space close to your house will be essential if you want to clean your car with this vacuum.

2. Gtech Multi 2

This useful cordless vac comes with handy accessories, including a powered brush tool that’s the best thing for getting grit or dog hair out of car carpets. There’s also a crevice tool that lives inside the handle – perfect if you’re the type who often loses your vacuum’s accessories.

The Gtech isn’t as powerful as corded units nor can it be used around the house to clean carpets or hard floors, but it’s a really useful handheld and compact enough to get into all the nooks and crannies around your car.

3. Hoover H-Free Energy

If you do want a cordless vacuum that can do both your car and your house, the Hoover H-Free Energy is a great choice. The 500 model comes as standard with two batteries that give up to 20 minutes of runtime each – plenty to do a small car or quickly run around the house.

You get a dusting brush and a crevice tool for doing your dash, while the main motorized floor tool is a bit too big for intricate work it’s great for doing your boot floor or your floor mats.

4. Worx Cubevac

This vacuum runs off the same swappable and rechargeable batteries as many other Worx products – so if you already have, say, a cordless drill, you might find this little vacuum a good addition to your equipment roster.

It has a different design from most other vacuums, with the motor and dust bin in a cube with a detachable wand and hose that make it really easy to get into crevices in the car.

The two cleaning tools store on board, which is nice, and the only real disadvantage is that this isn’t a particularly powerful machine. Ideal for light jobs or ‘little and often’ cleaning but not the best for heavier jobs.



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