What Are Your Options Once You Graduate from college?

Job & Career by  Mashum Mollah 04 February 2021

Graduate from college

Graduation from college is an exciting time in a student’s life. For the first time in years, you are free from education and are setting out to start a professional life.

While the freedom from college can be relaxing, at the same time, it can also be a little overwhelming. After such a long time, no defined path has already been set for you. All the decisions you make are up to you. For some people, it can be a drastic change causing them to slip into depression or anxiety.

Post-college stress is common in many students, so don’t be worried. The best option is finding something to do. While there is no lack of career options, there are a variety of paths you can embark on, like starting a business or taking a gap year.

1. Join a Graduate School

The first and the most natural route that you can take is to continue your education where you left off. Some career options require a postgraduate degree and experience. The research involved in a post-graduate school is thorough and can help you grow your knowledge.

If your career aspirations involve the help of a postgraduate degree, you should naturally choose this path. Research about which subjects you want to choose and which schools are best for your career. This will help you choose an education program that best fits your requirements and comes within your budget. Some popular choices include the Colorado State University-Global Campus for business and law studies, the online for the University of Utah, and the Missouri University of Science & Technology Distance Education for medical students.

2. Take a Gap Year

Gap years are perfect for people who don’t want to work or study right after completing their undergraduate degree. A gap year is a time of experiences and exploration of the world and self, combined. You can use this time to gather yourself and think about your goals. Another option is taking trips abroad to experience different cultures and strengthen communication skills.

However, a gap year doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do anything but relax. There are many working holiday options where you can pick up odd jobs abroad while still enjoying abroad life to the fullest.

A gap year is also an excellent opportunity to learn a specialized skill that will help you develop your career. Moreover, it can also help you formulate linguistic skills if you want to study abroad. You could use this time to learn new skills that could be useful later in life.

3. Start a Business

Start a Business

Being young gives you the edge of time. You have plenty of time to explore different career options and invest in your passions. If you have a particular idea or are passionate about something, it’s an excellent opportunity to start a business.

Of course, you need investments and management to start a business. This presents an excellent opportunity to put the skills you learned in college to use.

4. Find a Job

Find a Job

About 60% of students start looking for a job right after college. If you’re interested in finding a job, the first step is to build a strong resume and CV to apply for different positions. Your resume should represent you and give the employer a holistic view of your strengths and weaknesses.

Getting a job has its perks too. It provides financial stability without being burdensome. It also builds your experience and lets you explore the professional world.

Although the perks are right, it’s hard to find good high paying jobs at a bachelor’s level since there is a lack of experience. So before diving headfirst into a career, make a list of all the pros and cons that the job entails, the reason why you’re doing that job, and whether you are even qualified enough for doing a job in that field.

5.Become a Research Assistant

Become a Research Assistant

While being a social science major helps you develop interpersonal skills, being just a science major has its edge too. Many universities and colleges hire fresh graduates as research assistants to assist in academic research being conducted.

A research assistant should be able to:

  • Carry out experiments according to protocols
  • Collect experimental data
  • Log experimental data
  • Conduct analysis on statistical data sets
  • Review print data
  • Review online data
  • Maintain equipment in the laboratory

You will be working under a primary researcher like a professor. The salary for research assistants is good, but the main advantage is that there is so much to learn. And the plus point is that since there is no requirement for prior experience in the field, it is an excellent opportunity for fresh graduates.

You’ve done very well till now and have gone through life with your head held high. So don’t let this time bring you down. If you pass through that tough time of high school and graduate college successfully, then you can also tackle any problems that stand in your way ahead. And, even if you’re tired from working, it’s no problem, take a gap year to enjoy life to its fullest. And what’s the rush? You can always pick up the burdensome slack later and enter the real phase of life.

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