8 Easy College Lifehacks Every Student Should Be Aware of Before Entering the Dorm

Educationby Mashum Mollah23 December 2019

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For many, moving to a college dorm room might be the first taste of independence. However, it wouldn’t be long before you wish that you were better prepared for it.

Sharing a room with a stranger, even though that person might turn out to be your best friend in the future, could be uncomfortable at the beginning. Add in the common showers and privacy issues. Definitely, you need to have a few tricks under your sleeve to fight through.

Here you will find some necessary life hacks for college dorm:

1. Get Creative with Simple Things

Do not let a colorless dorm instantly doom your spirits. Instead, think about how a bare space offers plenty of scope for improvement. Clean curtains, an attractive bedspread, wall accessories, and some plants could liven up the room without much effort.

It will also uplift your spirits. This is the place you will spend much time, either working on your assignments on your own or in cooperation with an online essay writer to beat all the deadlines to come.

Personalizing this space, without invading your roommate’s privacy, could make it feel more like home.

2. Stay Organized Everyday

The most notable difference between a shabby and inviting dorm would be how clean it is. Regardless of decorations, maintaining good organization alone could uplift your mood to study.

Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute observe that clutter affects your ability to focus and process information. While it is tempting to just put your things on the floor and fall on the bed at the end of the day, make sure that you tidy up the place whenever possible.

It will go a long way in making your room look, feel, and smell clean.

3. Bring in More Lamps

Not every dorm is equipped with ample natural or artificial light. It could be a major reason for the space looking dull, even determining how effectively you can learn.

There are many life hacks on how to cope with the workload that college entails. And while professionals from EssayService.com can always help you with a term paper, they cannot actually study instead of you.

In the long run, it is better for your well-being, not to overlook the lighting aspect. A decent desk lamp could come in handy for studying, and some string lights could certainly accentuate any wall.

4. Feel Fresh with Dryer Sheets

If you have got a laundry room, then consider yourself lucky. Clean sheets could do wonders to freshen up your dorm. The dryer sheets could also be used to get rid of any unpleasant smell in the tiny space.

Tape a dryer sheet over the air conditioning or fan and in a few hours, your room would smell much better. You can also order them online or from local shops for fairly low prices.

5. Managing the Closet Space

One of the biggest disadvantages of dorms is insufficient closet space. It can be difficult to fit in even the essentials in the allocated space.

Learning some tips could help you store better. Stacking up the hangers will help you keep multiple clothes in one row, and rolling the T-shirts will definitely reduce the space needed.

6. Get More Storage

Clothes aren’t the only thing that needs to be stored. It is only in the dorm room that you realize how much stuff you have. And there seems to be no place to get them in.

Baskets and boxes do the quick fix by providing space for storage as well as bringing in aesthetics into space.

7. Be Prepared to Cook

If you have a microwave or an induction stove, you can pretty much cook anything you want. There are plenty of snacks and savory recipes that you can make even in a small mug.

It would be easier if you can cook in bulk and store the dishes or products in the fridge in batches. Also, stock up on healthy food items such as fruits and nuts instead of always resorting to fast food.

8. Using Common Bathrooms

If you think sharing a room is uncomfortable, wait till you get to the common bathrooms. Make sure that you have dedicated slippers and individual toiletries for your bathroom visits.

You can buy a shower caddy rather than struggle where to keep your essentials. It would hold up everything you need for your daily routine and would make things a lot easier.

Final Words

While it is better to be prepared, we highly recommend that you visit your dorms before making any big purchases. Make sure that you have an idea of what you need and what you don’t. With these tips, it won’t be long before you enjoy your dorm life.

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