Practicing Mindfulness in the Little Things

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When life gets busy, it is easy to let your mind jump from one thought to another. This results in being overwhelmed. When you are unable to contain your thoughts, you tend to forget a task or two. Thus, it is very important to practice mindfulness. What simple yet effective ways can increase the state of being in the present?

Spending Time on a Hobby


Immersing yourself in a productive past time helps maintain focus. Penny Dell Puzzles receive good reviews for engaging content. One hobby that is offered by this company is a rebirth of a childhood past time. Coloring books are again becoming a choice for adults. These coloring books are different in a way that they have more intricate designs. The rhythmic way of filling the spaces with colors is absorbing and soothing. It also requires a great focus that helps the person to detach from any thought. Instead, all energy is redirected to the image in front of him.

Completing Household Tasks

Often, people complete chores on autopilot. Worse, some detest every minute spent doing these everyday tasks. Most people think of grocery lists or things-to-do as they wash the dishes or sweep the floor. Thus, the result is they feel more rushed. A good approach to reversing this practice is to focus on the task at hand. For example, when washing the dishes, feel the soap suds in your hands. Applaud yourself for every dirt scrubbed off the pots and pans. Taking this method will give you a sense of accomplishment even in the most menial of tasks.

Indulging in Self-Care Routine

Another thing that most people only go through the motion with is bathroom routines. These things set the tone of a person’s day. To introduce calmness to your day, try mindfulness while taking a shower. Instead of filling your mind with a thousand things, focus on all the sensations of the bath. Feel the trickle of water on your skin or inhale the scents of soap and your hair products. See in your mind’s eye the dirt being peeled off your body. You will feel rejuvenated stepping out of your bath.

Counting Each Step

Counting Each StepLife is not about going from one place to another. You can practice staying at the moment through one of the simplest things- walking. As you take each step, do not think of other things. Instead, feel your breath in sync with every step. Feel the ground underneath you. If you are outdoors, look around you and take in the details. It may be leaves falling or a dog barking. It could be the aroma of freshly baked bread. Nowadays, people are busy walking with their eyes on their phones. They do not even have any idea of how they reached their destinations.

Savoring Every Bite

When was the last time you appreciated your meal? If you have a quick answer to this, you are one of the blessed ones. Most settle with a quick bite or a working lunch or dinner. For a change, try to be on the dining table less all gadgets or distractions. Concentrate on the taste and texture of each food in front of you. It might come as a surprise when you are assailed with all the flavors. This is also a good way to practice gratitude. It has many health benefits, too.

Practicing mindfulness over these areas in your life will help you to gain focus. Soon, you will see that you can concentrate on all your tasks. Productivity and relaxation will both be direct results of such a skill.

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