A Simple Blueprint to Becoming a Great Teaching Assistant

Educationby Mashum Mollah05 December 2019

Teaching Assistant

Becoming a teaching assistant is a path that many young professionals and gap year takers consider. If you are pursuing a career in education, this is a solid stepping stone for you. On the other hand, this job will help you discover and appreciate your strengths in case you are a gap year taker.

You may have the impression that teaching kids are easy. You just give your kids something to read while you do your own thing. If you are teaching preschoolers, the best solution would be to give them something to play with or a good movie or music video to watch. However, there are a lot of technical details and soft skills that you should not miss. These are the things that you should be thinking of if you want to take this career path seriously.

Thankfully, there are many guides and resource people that will help you improve your skillset and define your further goals.

Here are some of the things that you should take note of:

Be More Adaptable

This is the first thing that you should keep in mind. Surprisingly, the school environment can be fast-paced and stressful. Pre-schoolers can be noisy and rowdy, while elementary and high school students can be rude. Regardless, you will need to calm down and figure out the best way to interact with your students. You need to adapt to the environment or else, you will only be overwhelmed. This is what you should master, especially if you want to become a gap year teaching assistant in Australia.

Learn the Art of Communicating

Art of Communicating

While you may be knowledgeable and adept at one subject matter, explaining or teaching it to others is a different thing. You will need to explain some lessons in a way that the student will be able to understand. This is a skill worth mastering if you are teaching a group of pre-schoolers or grade-schoolers who may have a hard time grasping certain concepts in their lessons.

Always Be Organised

Teachers usually follow a strict regimen or routine, so they know already how to organize their materials and conduct themselves in class. This is the same thing that you should do. Your classes can be fast-paced, and your students will always have questions or will need something from you. Either way, you can provide them with what they are asking for if you are organized.

Seek to Improve Yourself

Just because you are a temporary teaching assistant does not mean you will not seek to improve yourself. You need to better yourself, especially if you want to dedicate yourself to teaching kids. Certain classes, training, and courses will be able to help you.

Being a teaching assistant is a meaningful occupation. It not only exposes you to different kids and helps you improve your patience; it also adds another meaningful layer to teaching. You get to know yourself better, your strengths, and your weaknesses. It also allows you to find opportunities along the way.

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