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Your resume is basically your ‘pass’ for a job interview. For this reason, and considering the large number of resumes that recruiters receive on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis, it is important that you devote some time to developing it, and above all, that you focus on communicating your capabilities and try to differentiate yourself from others.

Selling yourself through a killer resume:

There are about hundreds and thousands of people like you, with the same qualifications and actively searching for job. Then there are hundreds of thousands of people who are more qualified then you. And then there’s the small lot who know how to sell themselves, regardless of their qualifications! When people hear the term ‘to sell oneself’ they think of some magical and witty catchphrases to completely enchant the recruiters and make them bow down. In reality, it’s all a matter of writing a killer resume (and doing well on the interview, which is a different case.) So, if you really want to standout, keep the following tips in mind while writing your resume:


1. Attach a cover letter:

This may be the most important yetthe most underestimated aspect of your resume development. In fact, it has been proven that resumes that include a cover letter are more likely to be noticed by recruiters. Now, how to elaborate one? First of all, you should thank and provide a summary of your experience and skills. In addition to this, you can talk briefly about why you think you are the right person to get the position offered and include your contact information. Do not make the cover letter too long or too boring. Keep it interesting and write from the perspective of a recruiter by asking yourself: “If I were hiring someone for this particular position, what would I want to see in that person?”

2. Make sure it is eye-catching:

Since your resume will develop be the first contact the recruiter will have with you, it is important that you strive to make a good impression and a visually appealing resume. Make sure it is symmetric and spaced and uses uppercase, bold, italic, and vignettes. Finally, do not forget to check the wording and the spelling. Grammatical errors are absolutely unacceptable and will grant your resume a ticket to the paper shredder or the trash folder. Keep your resume 100% flawless. Proofread it many times before sending it in. You can take help from a friend or a professional.

3. Order it chronologically:

Although there is not a fixed way to design a resume, the information contained in your resume should be organized chronologically i.e. according to your information and personal timeline. At the top of the first page, your name, address, contact numbers and email should be placed. Then, list your jobs in reverse chronological order, including the position, company name, city, and number of years you worked there. Finally, mention the details of your educational degrees in descending order and include an appealing summary. Don’t jumble up content. If there is one thing recruiters hate, it is to waste time searching for specific information in a poorly written resume. So, do yourself a favor and organize that resume!

4. Highlight your strengths and even your weaknesses:

Regarding your skills, try to highlight them and choose the right words to look professional and instill confidence. For example, mention your experience, your project management skills, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership. I added clear and strong statements of achievements and quantified them whenever possible. On the other hand, refrain from repeating too many personal pronouns and words such as “need,” “opportunity,” and “difficult.” This is the part where you actually sell yourself. Use appealing and realistic-sounding sentences to talk about your experience, achievements and other projects you worked on which might be relevant to the job you are applying for.

5. Make it concise and focused:

In addition to presenting a reduced number of pages, it is important that you work on creating a resume that keeps the attention of the recruiter. Include phrases as short and to the point as possible, refrain from using numerous examples, when one may be enough, or add unnecessary details. Remember, recruiters are one of the most impatient professionals and that’s because they have to deal with thousands of resumes on a daily basis. Why would they waste time on a non-appealing, boring and unnecessarily long resume, when they could look at that other, concise, crisp and short one? Make sure that the ‘other’ one is yours. Remember, you are writing a resume, not an essay to argue why you deserve the job. Keep it short and good luck!

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