What are proctored exams?

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proctored exams

The proctored exam has been termed by the experts to be a test which gets supervised by a neutral, approved person, (a proctor) to ensure the test taker’s identity and to ensure the integrity of the test-taking environment. Proctoring is required for al final exams. Hence, the student’s computer and the webcam are connected to the official site and exam is proctored this way. The proctoring sessions take place at the comfort of the student’s home setting or any preferred location and do require using a webcam.

Before the exam day:

The checklist given below is to be completed before the exam day to ensure being fully prepared for taking the final exam.

  • Test computer and webcam: It is essential to ensure that the computer, speakers, microphone, and webcam are properly installed and in working condition, meeting the exam standards set by the concerned officials. Before running the test, all other webcam software and other software programs and window are to be closed. Also will be required all necessary technical aspects.
  • Download secure browser: Exam does require using of the secure delivery browser, which is very small download not requiring any administration right for installation and using purpose. It is necessary for computer-based proctor test secured delivery. Also, no information is transformed by the software from the computer memory, nor it resides permanently in the memory after the test.
  • Secure exam area: The exam setting needs to be a quiet, private and well-lit room, where only the eligible and recommended exam materials are to be present. The room’s lighting should be of daylight quality and the preferred type is overhead lighting. Locations, where others are found to be using or passing through the test area, should be avoided since this will only invalidate the exam.
  • Collect two ID forms: Two original forms (without photocopies) are to be presented along with valid IDs (unexpired ones) like one primary ID (preferably government issued ID having name, signature and recent recognizable photo), including one secondary ID (having name, recent recognizable photo or name, and signature). Visiting the official policy page can help to understand better how to comply with the exam procedures and set the right standards for the exam set to be eligible and validated?

What is to be expected during the exam?

During the proctoring session, the following is to be expected:

  • Initiate proctoring session: Click on ‘Start proctoring’ link present on course card back in the official site or software to initiate the session. Logging in to the session early will bring a countdown timer that will get displayed until the start of the session.
  • Access request: As the proctor connects to a session, there will be introductions and request for remote desktop control.
  • Secure browser: The proctor will then instruct the candidate to launch the secure browser.
  • ID verification: The proctor will require the candidate to hold up his/her two ID forms for verification purpose.
  • Scanning the room: The proctor will require the student to show very clearly the surroundings of the room, where the exam is being taken. This is done by having the student to take the webcam in hand to scan the room in a 360-degree angle. In case, the camera or laptop is unable to be moved in a manner to display full test area, then a mirror will be requested by the proctor to display those areas that are not viewable with the camera. Also will be provided instructions to remove items present in the room which are otherwise mentioned in the ‘not permitted’ materials when taking the exam.
  • Open final exam: Typically, the final exam will be located on the course’ last topic. The proctor will offer full assistance to understand this particular process.
  • Password protected: Final exams are all password protected. The exam password will be provided by the proctor.
  • Attempts: There is likely to be provided just a single attempt for the final exam.
  • Timed: The final exam comes with a particular timing to be completed. Until the start of the exam by the proctor or the candidate, the timer is not likely to initiate. Also, the exam window is not to be closed while the exam is running or unless finished and the desire is there to submit the same. On expiry of allotted time, the exam will be automatically submitted and the candidate will not be able to give any more answers. It is the course that determines the final exam time limits.
  • Question display: A single question gets displayed on the screen at one time.
  • End of exam info: Once the final exam ends and answers are submitted, the score will display on the computer screen. Also, the exam score can be derived on the course card’s back portion.
  • Questions in the exam: In case, assistance is required for any reason throughout the exam, then the proctor needs to be notified using the chat box.
  • Any technical difficulty faced during the exam: In case technical difficulties are experienced during the exam, assistance will be provided by the proctor through the chat function in the session. If for any reason, the computer gets disconnected, then the proctor will make attempts to contact the candidate through the phone. If such issues are still experienced, then the proctor can be contacted directly at the number given in the official site.

Will personal files be accessed by the proctor?

No, the proctor will not be able to access the personal files kept in the computer without the candidate’s knowledge. It is only after getting proper permission that the proctor will have the ability to monitor and view the screen clearly as well as use the keyboard and mouse, just like sitting beside the candidate. On starting of the exam, everything will be monitored on a computer screen, but no longer will the candidate’s mouse or the keyboard be used by the proctor. A chat box will be running throughout the exam process on the computer and the entire session log gets saved.

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