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CAT is scheduled to take place on 25th November 2018. With less than 2 months left for the exam, surely all the aspirants must have fast-tracked their exam preparation. Usually and ideally, by this time, aspirants should start their revision and take as many mock tests as possible.

However, there surely are several aspirants who are still in process of completing their syllabus. Also, they must be in need of a good and thorough CAT 2018 study material which would help them narrow down the important aspects and thus complete their preparation in time.

To specifically help those aspirants and everyone else in general, below are some of the top online study material options which would definitely help you excel in CAT 2018.

Established just a decade ago in 2008, this institute has managed to provide the best learning experience to its students. The institute has its own mobile application, which makes the access to its online study material easier. Plus, once you download all the study material and the videos, you can access them even without an internet connection. Moreover, understanding that not everyone can afford the paid fulltime online courses, the institute also has several free preparation study material, exam tips and tricks which itself are very useful. Therefore, it can be said that the institute is true to its motto of making “Learning so addictive that you’ll fall in love with it”.

Career Launcher:

This institute is surely a go-to favourite of several aspirants for any and every competitive exam. And this itself should assure you that their online study material for CAT 2018 will help you to prepare well for the exam. With more than 200 videos and well-constructed post and pre-video study sessions, the institute helps you to push yourself a little harder and thoroughly prepare for even the least expected questions. The institute allows you to select your own study pack and provides complete information regarding everything upfront. What is even more interesting is that you can do a trial run where you get access to 25 free lectures, which makes it easier for you to make a smart choice regarding the study packages. Plus, since the exam is near, the institute has granted discounts on the all their online programs.

TIME-CAT Online:

Established in 1992, this institute is amongst various high ranking institutes that provide result oriented preparation to all the CAT aspirants. The institute aims to provide the highest quality of education and learning experience to the students. The institute offers various CAT Correspondence/ online courses. Some of these programs are- Correspondance-Regular, Correspondance-Regular+ 100 videos, Correspondance- Advanced, Correspondance- Advanced+ 100 videos, Correspondance- Advanced+ 200 videos. Apart from this, there are also several mock test series which the aspirants can register for.


Managed under the leadership of Arun Sharma ( IIM Bangalore Alumnus), this institute provides several paid and free study materials for the aspirants of CAT and another competitive exam. You can find material for every type, of course, you want to do such as Online Comprehensive CAT, CAT self-paced program, Crash course, Test series, Arun Sharma CAT challenge, etc. However, what is significant about this institute is that it prides itself in the Aptitude testing and training and have till date trained more than 10000 IIM Graduates.


Established in 1998, this institute provides you with the best possible online education and training for almost all type of entrance exams. Talking about CAT preparation, the institute provides you with several packages to choose from such as CAT Premium (includes study material, notes, tests, and videos), CAT Basic (study material and tests), mock test package, Study Planner, etc.

Apart from these 5, there are several other institutes like Cracku, HandakaFunda, MBAguru, TestFunda, etc, that provide you with high-quality preparation study material which will surely help you to prepare well for the CAT 2018. Also, the current and the upcoming CAT aspirants should note that the majority of these institutes have classroom programs as well, so they can also check out those programs too.

All the best to all the CAT 2018 aspirants.

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