The Unveiling of the Tutima Glashutte Flieger Friday Chronograph Limited Edition

Lifestyle by  Subham Saha 22 April 2021

Flieger Friday Chronograph

Social media is now known to have an enormous influence on timepieces, but it is not only influencing the watches but also on the watchmakers and the watches they create every year. Social media is also creating hashtags, and one of the most popular hashtags as of this time is the #FliegerFriday.

The watchmaker of the Flieger Friday the Tutima, a German-based watch company, has grabbed this opportunity to create one of the limited edition timepieces they have. The limited edition of the Flieger Friday clock comes from the 1941 Flieger Chronograph of the brand.

About the Limited Edition Flieger Friday Chronograph

The Tutima watches goal is to create the Flieger Friday timepiece to be visually accurate as much as possible to its original 1941. It will start the process of having the 38.5mm case. People might consider the timepiece as a petite for a pilot watch, still this compact size makes it easier to sell the vintage style of this clock.

All of the visuals that you can see from the case of the original Flieger Friday can be seen in this limited edition clock. From its fluted bezel that is the signature of the Tutima that comes with the highlight stripe that is red to its straight lugs that has a simple brush, it also comes with the beefy pillbox crown that is also flanked by the pushers.

The design for the Flieger Friday clock’s case is vintage. Although it is vintage in style, the brand still incorporates tons of updates for the clocks’ quality. They have replaced the nickel-plated brass of the original Flieger Friday with stainless steel that is brushed, and the water resistance for this watch can now go up to 100 meters.

The Dial of the Limited Edition Flieger Friday Chronograph

The focus of the dial of this limited edition timepiece is to improve the quality of the original dial of the 1941 original Flieger Friday. It will still keep the authentic look of Flieger Friday. The Arabic numerals that are printed and the cathedral hands are examples of the original Flieger Friday that is retained in this model.

The model also comes with a form of vintage look that comes with a modern Super-LumiNova. Adding the railroad scales on the surrounding of the clock’s sundial makes it look more vintage. The inspiration is driving home during the 20th century. The dial makes the watch feel clean and open.

Just as in this model’s case, the dial is not a complete copy of the original Flieger Friday watch, but the changes for this timepiece dial are lesser. One of the changes in the two chronograph subdials’ space is relative to the second’s track located in the outer part.

The Movement of the Limited Edition Flieger Friday Chronograph

To keep in touch with the original Flieger Friday in 1941, the time brand uses a hand-wound chronograph movement for this model; It is modified and named the ETA Valjoux 7760. The dedication of the brand to its historical accuracy is visible with the modification of this movement.

The brand has also altered the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock running seconds to preserve it. They have also decorated the timepiece with a striped bridge and plated it with gold. It made the watch look like it has a two-toned case back. It also comes with a power reserve of 48 hours with 28,800 BPH.

The brand made the look of Flieger Friday complete with its retro aviation look. It also comes with a strap covered in saddle brown, and it is known to be distressed heavily. The dark khaki contrast makes it look more like a vintage timepiece. It makes the clock look more elegant and classy, which is much eye-catching for watch enthusiasts.

The Price Tag of the Limited Edition Flieger Friday Chronograph

With the brand’s dedication to making this limited edition look like more of the original Flieger Friday in 1941, this watch will surely stand out among many watch enthusiasts and make a roar on social media. It will surely stand out from other aviation watches available in the market and will only be available for $3,450, which is affordable for many.


Tutima Glashutte is available in the market for many decades now, and it has proved its excellence in making timepieces. The brand also creates watches that will surely bring out the original clocks they have made over time. It makes it more unique for a watchmaker. Although retaining the original, they have still incorporated the modern style.

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